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Congratulations to all graduates in the Faculty of Dentistry

May 28, 2013

UBC Dentistry is proud of its 45th graduating class and salutes the hard work and dedication of each of its members in all programs.

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Sonja Stojicic (November 2013)
Dynamics of killing biofilm bacteria
Supervisor: Dr. Marcus Haapasalo

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science

Dr. Firoozeh Samim (May 2013)
Dental health needs and related factors in inner-city Vancouver elementary school-aged children
Supervisor: Dr. Jolanta Aleksejuniene

Dr. Azadeh Shojaei (May 2013)
The oral health-related lifestyle of Vancouver inner-city elementary school-aged children
Supervisors: Dr. Jolanta Aleksejuniene

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Endodontics

Dr. Marina Braniste (November 2013)
In vitro comparison of three endodontic obturation materials
Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Coil

Dr. Les Campbell (November 2013)
The effect of fatigue on torsional failure of nickel-titanium controlled memory instruments
Supervisors: Drs. Marcus Haapasalo and Ya Shen

Dr. Shannon Davis (November 2013)
The effect of agitation on the penetration depth of sodium hypochlorite into dentinal tubules
Supervisors: Drs. Marcus Haapasalo and Ya Shen

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in ORTHODONTICS

Dr. Reza Aran (November 2013)
Craniofacial morphology and sleep disordered breathing in children
Supervisors: Drs. Alan Lowe and Fernanda Almeida

Dr. Asef Karim (November 2013)
Orthodontic treatment need of adolescents in Haida Gwaii, Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Edwin Yen

Dr. Melanie Mattson (November 2013)
Evidence the human soft palate forms by fusion, not merging
Supervisor: Dr. Joy Richman

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY

Dr. Carter Ng (November 2013)
An exploratory study of a contemporary caries management protocol for caries-active children
Supervisors: Drs. Rosamund Harrison and Karen Campbell

Dr. Nancy Vertel (November 2013)
Access to dental services for children with special health care needs: A pilot project at BC Children’s Hospital
Supervisors: Drs. Rosamund Harrison and Karen Campbell

Dr. Winnie Zhao (November 2013)
Survival of fixed space-maintaining appliances
Supervisors: Drs. Rosamund Harrison and Karen Campbell

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Periodontics

Dr. Farzan Ghannad (November 2013)
Comparison of treatment protocols to reduce the total bacterial load in the implant screw hole
Supervisor: Dr. Hannu Larjava

Dr. Breanne Joslin (November 2013)
Scar formation of the human oral palatal mucosa following gingival graft harvest:
a retrospective analysis of deep and superficial wounds
Supervisor: Dr. Hannu Larjava

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in PROSTHODONTICS

Dr. David Alfaro (November 2013)
Micro CT measurement of the internal fit of lithium disilicate crowns
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Wyatt

Dr. Jonathan Ng (November 2013)
A comparison of marginal fit of crowns fabricated using digital and conventional methodology
Supervisors: Drs. Chris Wyatt and Dorin Ruse

Dr. Angela Wong (November 2013)
The effect of surface topography on gene expression of macrophages
Supervisor: Dr. Don Brunette

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Akeel Al-Dabboos
Dr. Tristen Aull
Dr. Tony Bae
Dr. Sandeep Baidwan
Dr. Sunpreet Bains-Dahia
Dr. Marcio Barros
Dr. Daniel Berant
Dr. Kathryn Best
Dr. Laura Bowman
Dr. Danae Brownrigg
Dr. Courtney Butler
Dr. Stefan Caney
Dr. Wai Sze Cheung
Dr. Ji Won Choi
Dr. Matthew Choi
Dr. Susan Choi
Dr. Heather Cooke
Dr. Michael Crisanti
Dr. Christopher Di Ponio
Dr. Kaitlin Enns
Dr. Payam Eslami
Dr. Flore-Anne Foellmi
Dr. Matthew Francisco
Dr. Elnaz Ghandchi
Dr. Azadeh Ghasemi
Dr. John Guenther
Dr. Amandeep Hans
Dr. Sarah He
Dr. Ahmed Hieawy
Dr. Vivian Huang
Dr. Jenny Johal
Dr. Heather Jones
Dr. Monika Kasprzak
Dr. Jiyeon Kim
Dr. Scott Kollen
Dr. Ruby Lai
Dr. Karthik Lakshminarayanan
Dr. Vanessa Lee
Dr. Charis Luk
Dr. Firouzeh Majlessi
Dr. Lachlan McLean
Dr. Caitlin Meredith
Dr. Jonathan Paxon
Dr. Rajeev Sachdeva
Dr. Nima Salimipour
Dr. Vikrant Sharma
Dr. Tracie Tanaka
Dr. Jason Tao
Dr. Akashdeep Villing
Dr. Evgani Vorobyev
Dr. Erica Wang
Dr. Whitney Weisshaar
Dr. Alexander Wong
Dr. Bryan Wong
Dr. Jocelyn Yang

The Doctor of Dental Medicine graduation class of 2013.

Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene)

Rachelle Abbott
Paulina Backiel
Mana Benam
Rachelle Blais
Christine Burkett
Helen Buxton
Elizabeth Cavin
Fatimah Datoo
Pamela Davenport
Amy Donaldson
Sayena Faraji
Stacey Filewich
Zareena Flores
Harkeerat Gala
Khashayar Ghahremani
Jocelynn Giroux
Marianne Haffner
Laura Hendriks
Valerie Heyman
Maria Huellas
Marika Ichikawa
Lindsay Kehler
Ambreen Khan
Sasha Khoo
Hyo Jeong Kim
Julie Kwan
Nicole Lacroix
Christopher Lee
Nagyung Lee
Ashley Lessard
Vivian Luk
Teresa Macchione
Diana Maneva
Lisa Mann
Lylian Mendez
Eric Wai-Lik Mok
Dayna Nipkow
Malalai Osoki
Monica Park
Niki Patel
Rajbir Purewal
Janice Reil
Petra Rindt
Kathleen Russell
Sarah Sawrie
Aiste Sciukaite
Gurpreet Sehrai
Chelsea So
Alysha Sunderji
Katherine Tai
Jeraldine Tan
Gurpreet Toor
Sherry Trupp
Jennifer Vandergaag
Kelsey Wall
Kabri Williams
Sharman Woynarski
Marco Wu
Jillian Yeager
Dana Yu

The Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene) graduation class of 2013.

Congratulations Dentistry Graduates!

Click here to view the Graduation 2013 Awards recipients.

Faculty and guest participants at graduation 2013

Dr. Martin Aidelbaum
Dr. Jolanta Aleksejuniene
Dr. Leandra Best
Dr. Nancy Black
Dr. Ross Bryant
Dr. William Brymer
Dr. Denise Carswell
Dr. Virginia Diewert
Dr. Lamia El-Adwar
Dr. Ingrid Emanuels
Dr. Andrea Esteves
Dr. Mark Fogelman
Mr. Zul Kanji
Dr. Denise Laronde
Ms. Diana Lin
Dr. Kavita Mathu-Muju
Dr. Caroline Nguyen
Dr. Benjamin Pliska
Dr. Jim Richardson
Dr. Clive Roberts
Ms. Susan Schmitz
Dr. Charles Shuler
Dr. David Sweet O.C.
Ms. Neala Welburn
Dr. Chris Wyatt
Dr. Richard Wilczek

Faculty and guest participants at graduation 2013.




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