Increasing the Community Involvement

Being a great dental school means stretching beyond the laboratory and classroom. It is a commitment to serve dental professionals and the larger community through outreach and community development efforts.

Spirit of Giving

Social Responsibility From Here—The Spirit of Giving

Last year our students have been in the spirit of giving to people in need around the world.

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Grad Student Honoured for Work in the Downtown Eastside

Darlene’s understanding of Vancouver’s oldest and most impoverished neighbourhood and its hard-to-reach and medically underserved community informs her graduate work. Darlene also volunteers for oral cancer prevention initiatives at DTES events.

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Volunteer Dentistry in the Downtown Eastside—DMD Students Rise to the Challenges

So why would students who are in the thick of studying—and particularly those in upper-level years who are also performing demanding clinic work on campus—volunteer their skills on a Saturday morning?

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Towards a Healthy Smile for Every Child

Dr. Rosamund Harrison, UBC’s chair of Pediatric Dentistry has promoted accessible, community-based oral health programs for hundreds of babies and toddlers, from South Asians and Vietnamese in BC’s Lower Mainland to Cree in remote Quebec villages.

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ELDERS Wisdom Improves Seniors’ Quality of Life

UBC’s ELDERS (Elders Link with Dental Education, Research and Service) Group—under the lead of Dr. Michael MacEntee—is a compelling blend of research, education and community service with each component enriching the other.

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Community, Culture and Practice: A DMD Student in Haida Gwaii

Trevor Lake DMD 2009 had the opportunity to do an externship in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) through the UBC General Practice Residency Program.

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Dentistry Grad Committed to Service

For Michelle Lauwers dentistry is more than a science: it’s a charitable calling and an art. Lauwers has been active in the program’s volunteer efforts, which include free and low-cost clinics in the Downtown Eastside. She describes her volunteer work in the neighbourhood as “eye-opening and rewarding.”

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The Lines Never Cease

Victor Law, [then] a fourth-year DMD student, knows he cannot learn in school what he gains by volunteering. This past summer [2008], he once again volunteered for Medical Aid for Vietnam (, an organization that provides medical and dental services to the poor in Vietnamese villages.

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Fourth-year DMD Student Elective: Cambodia

Last April, for the first time as an elective in fourth-year, DMD students travelled to Cambodia on rotation with general practice residents in the General Practice Residency Training Program.

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Community Giving

Community Giving, a Fourth-Year DMD Pediatric Elective and a Six-Year-Old’s Smile

Providing oral health care to children in need can be challenging, financially overwhelming and sometimes even heartbreaking. It can also provide great inspiration, motivation and passion. Finding a balance is what enables good practitioners—students included—to provide excellent pediatric dental care.

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UBC Dentistry Team Serves Penelakut First Nation

The community volunteer clinic took place over a weekend on Kuper Island, a small, 8.66-square-kilometre island located east of Chemainus, BC, a town on Vancouver Island.

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Ahead of the Wave in Community Engagement—Preparing a New Generation of Dentists

UBC Dentistry’s Professionalism and Community Service (PACS) program responds directly to real-life needs in disadvantaged areas with socially stigmatized groups, some students say it’s the most meaningful and fulfilling learning they’ve ever had.

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UBC’s Children’s Dental Program: A Win Win Situation

UBC’s Children’s Dental Program is classic win-win: children who otherwise would not access dental care receive much-needed treatment, while dental students gain hands-on training in clinical pediatric dentistry and provide a rewarding community service.

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Reaching Out to Combat Oral Cancer

UBC’s Faculty of Dentistry clinicians, researchers and colleagues from across BC are leading the fight against oral cancer by bringing innovative diagnostic tools into communities most at risk. Now, with a major grant from the Terry Fox Research Institute (Terry Fox Foundation), their research is going Canada-wide.

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