Alumni Builder Awards


Several UBC Dentistry alumni have been awarded the Alumni Builder Award, which was created to commemorate the 100th year of alumni UBC. The award recognizes a cross section of alumni, from all UBC faculties, who have significantly contributed to the university and have enriched the lives of others. The recipients from the Faculty of Dentistry are:

Brenda Currie Dip DH 1976, BDSc 2004, MSc 2007

For her dedication to oral cancer prevention in British Columbia.

David Hemerling DMD 1993

For his long-time service as a volunteer dentist and student mentor at UBC Dentistry’s community outreach dental clinics.

Liz Johnson-Lee DMD 1992

For her service as a UBC Dentistry volunteer, promoting dental outreach in marginalized or impoverished communities.

Angelique Leung DMD 1988

For her support of the Faculty of Dentistry and her long record of service to the dental profession in British Columbia.

Doug Nielsen DMD 1972

For his long record of leadership and mentorship establishing volunteer dental clinics in BC and internationally.

Sherry Priebe BDSc 2003, MSc 2009

For her many contributions to UBC Dentistry and her tireless efforts promoting dental hygiene and oral health.

David Sweet OC DMD 1978

For his passion and dedication to dental education and his leadership in forensic odontology.

Andrew Tsang DMD 1997

For his unwavering support of UBC Dentistry mission initiatives in Vietnam.

Recipients received their Alumni Builder Awards at various events