Artodontia was founded by Dr. Carol Ann Courneya, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, in 2016 for the first-year dental students in the cardiovascular block of Dentistry’s then new Year 1 curriculum.

Born out of the Faculty of Medicine’s Heartfelt Images contest, dental students–now no longer studying (and competing in art) alongside Medicine students as in previous years–wanted to continue engaging their creative side with a competition of their own.

Dentistry’s annual cardiac art competition, though young in years, continues the long tradition of showcasing dental students’ artistic conceptualization of the human heart and circulatory system.

Artodontia logo by Jamie Kim


Among the many art entries in 2017, one in particular, submitted by Jamie Kim DMD 2020, won the category for Artodontia’s logo (pictured above). The contest was named Artodontia in 2016 after a naming competition won by Allizon Clark DMD 2019.