Graduation 2012

May 29, 2012

Congratulations to all graduates in the Faculty of Dentistry

UBC Dentistry is proud of its 44th graduating class and salutes the hard work and dedication of each of its members in all programs.

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Ajit Auluck (May 2012)
Epidemiological Shifts and Risk Behaviours for Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancers in Multicultural
Population of British Columbia, Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Lewei Zhang

Dr. Leeann Donnelly (May 2012)
The Relationship of Perceived Oral Health, Body Image and Social Interaction Among Institutionalised Elders
Supervisor: Dr. Michael MacEntee

Dr. Bruce Wallace (Nov 2012)
Community Dental Clinics and Oral Health Inequities
Supervisor: Dr. Michael MacEntee

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science

Ms. Caroline Jiang (May 2012)
The Implementation of Oral Health Regulation in Long-Term Care Facilities
Supervisor: Dr. Michael MacEntee

Mr. Jae Sung Seo (Nov 2012)
Cross-Cultural Validity of Oral Health Related Quality of Life
Supervisors: Dr. Mario Brondani and Dr. Michael MacEntee

Ms. Darlene Tam (Nov 2012)
High-Risk Oral Lesions: The Dental Professional Role in Reducing Time Delay to Diagnosis
Supervisors: Dr. Catherine Poh

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Endodontics

Dr. James Lin (Nov 2012)
Novel Ex Vivo Biofilm Model: A Comparative Study of Root Canal Disinfection
Supervisors: Dr. Markus Haapasalo and Dr. Ya Shen

Dr. Mark Parhar (Nov 2012)
Evaluation of Ultrasonic Irrigation Systems on Debris and Smear Removal in Root Canals:
A Scanning Electron Microscope Study
Supervisors: Dr. Markus Haapasalo and Dr. Ya Shen

Dr. Ellen Park (Nov 2012)
Apical Pressure and Dye Clearance During Irrigation in a Root Canal
Supervisors: Dr. Markus Haapasalo and Dr. Ya Shen

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Periodontics

Dr. Tanya Tuckey (Nov 2012)
Resonance Frequency Analysis of Implant Placed in Grafted Bone
Supervisors: Dr. Tassos Irinakis and Dr. Chris Wyatt

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Mohamed Al-Janabi
Dr. Anthony Bellusci
Dr. Brian Bostrom
Dr. Adam Byam
Dr. Angela Chai
Dr. Nelson Chen
Dr. Jaejun Choi
Dr. Marco Chung
Dr. Ersilia Coccaro
Dr. Marwan Dawod
Dr. Sophie Dong
Dr. Manu Dua
Dr. Amro Foda
Dr. Rosalyn Fung
Dr. Ayman Gaia
Dr. Sarah Garbelya
Dr. Joshua Garcha
Dr. Cameron Garrett
Dr. Leila Ghavamzadeh
Dr. Travis Gibson
Dr. Melechin Hasan
Dr. Zahra Hosseini
Dr. Jonathan Hung
Dr. Kathryn Hunter
Dr. Moses Jun
Dr. Patrick Kanda
Dr. Shahab Keshmiri
Dr. Ivy Liu
Dr. Aleesha Manji
Dr. Scott Martyna
Dr. Paul Mikhail
Dr. Melissa Milligan
Dr. Chandni Parekh
Dr. Nicholas Piemontesi
Dr. Neda Rajablou
Dr. Adrienne Robb
Dr. Darrell Ross
Dr. Anzhalika Rumiantsava
Dr. Peter Ruoho
Dr. Atyaf Saleh
Dr. Leila Shahbazi
Dr. Anna Sivakumaran
Dr. Fadi Soliman
Dr. Melineh Stepanian Zadeh Samasi
Dr. Kumudu Suriya
Dr. Jorell Valdes
Dr. Eric Van Bergeyk
Dr. Nicole Vicenzino
Dr. Yili Wang
Dr. Michelle Watroba
Dr. Evan Wiens
Dr. Emma Wong
Dr. Vivian Yip
Dr. Hui Zhang

DMD2012 - Graduation

Class of 2012, Doctor of Dental Medicine, UBC Dentistry.

Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene)

Sara Babaeian
Denise Baillet
Rubyjean Banzon
Paula Benbow
Larissa Brandson
Melanie Ewart
Arielle Brown
Ambrose Chan
Anna Chen
Tammie Cheung
Nicole Chien
Saadia Choudhry
Dawna Chow
Melanie Cohen
Jodi Contant
Allison Dalisay
Jasvir Dosanjh
Cathy Edson-Frauts
Reem Fathalla
Jenny Gibson
Jasmin Gomez
Richa Gupta
Alana Harbord
Samantha Heron
Amanda Hui
Rebecca Jacbos
Daljit Jawl
Stacey Jones
Priscilla Kaljanac
Priyanka Kapoor
Maureen Kelly
Hon Khov
Dana King
Mariane Kirolous
Dana Kraniauskas
Lisa Krieger
Natasha Lee
Sharon Leung
Joyce Lin
Lawrence Lin
Doris Lok
Jaclyn Lui
Carole MacDonald
Deanna Mackay
Kathryn Mader
Noemi Majer
Wendy Male
Christina Mann
Catherine McConnell
Tracey McKee
Harneet Minhas
Trish Morales
Willena Newhouse
Nancy Nguyen
Angela Paleos
Rachel Pang
Samantha Potter
Jelena Prelec
Sylvie Royer
Jaspreet Sidhu
Andrea Stalker
Jhustine Tolentino
Stephanie Tomney
Erin Valer
Kristine Van den Elsen
Gwyneth Vo
Kristy Wayne
Tammy Wilson
Diana Yeung
Erica Zammit

DHYG2012 - Graduation

Class of 2012, Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene), UBC Dentistry.

Congratulations Dentistry Graduates!

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