Graduation 2014

May 28, 2014

Congratulations to all graduates in the Faculty of Dentistry

UBC Dentistry is proud of its 46th graduating class and salutes the hard work and dedication of each of its members in all programs.

 Master of Science in Craniofacial Science

Ms. Rana Alan
Stigma of Addiction and Mental Health in dental settings: Patients’ Experiences
Supervisor: Dr. Mario Brondani

Ms. Haoran Cui

Characterization of Glycosaminoglycan Interaction Sites and Exosite Inhibitors of Cathepsin K
Supervisors: Dr. Dieter Bromme

Mr. Keith Hau

Characterizing the Oral Health Status of Low-Income Adults in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Poh

Dr. Abbas Jessani

Self-reported Oral Health and Dental Health Utilization by Pregnant Women Registering for the
Prenatal Public Health Program in Fraser Health BC, Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Mario Brondani

Ms. Darlene Tam

Patient Experiences with High-Risk Oral Lesions from Detection to Diagnosis
Dr. Catherine Poh

Ms. Shannon Waldron

Understanding Clinical Instructors’ Perspectives and Conceptions of Teaching and Learning within a Dental Hygiene Program
Supervisor: Dr. HsingChi von Bergmann

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Endodontics

Dr. Abdullah Riyahi
Influence of Previous Angular Deformation on Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of K3XF Instruments
Supervisors: Drs. Marcus Haapasalo and Ya Shen

Dr. Agmar Schroeder

Micro-computed Tomography Analysis of Post Space Preparation in Teeth
Obturated with Carrier-based Thermoplasticized Techniques
Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Coil

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Orthodontics

Dr. Esther Feldman
Changes in the Occlusal Curves Secondary to Serial Extractions Compared to Late Premolar Extraction and Controls
Supervisors: Drs. Edwin Yen and David Kennedy

Dr. Stacey Kirshenblatt

Microsensor Technology to Evaluate Patient Adherence with Removable Oral Appliances
Supervisors: Drs. Fernanda Almeida and Hui Chen

Dr. Issac Tam

Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on the Upper Airway Volume
Supervisors: Drs. Ben Pliska and Fernanda Almeida

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Ella Choi
Use of CBCT in Pediatric Patients
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Ford

Dr. Amin Salmasi

An Exploration of Access to Dental Care for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Supervisors: Drs. Rosamund Harrison and Mario Brondani

Dr. Johnathan Woo

The Use of Optical Projection Tomography in Evaluating the Normal Growth of Facial Prominences in Chick Embryos
Supervisor: Dr. Joy Richman

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Periodontics

Dr. Valentin Dabuleanu
Complications During Bone Grafting in Sinuses Associated with Interfering Septa
Supervisor: Dr. Anastasios Irinakis

Dr. Angela Kehler

Expression of IL-1α in Kindlin-1 Deficient Keratinocyes
Supervisor: Dr. Hannu Larjava

Dr. Nabil Nadji

Clinical Outcomes of Short Implants Placed in the Posterior Maxilla with the Indirect Sinus Elevation Technique
and the Posterior Mandible: A Retrospective Study with up to 5-year Follow-up
Supervisor: Dr. Hannu Larjava

Dr. Darwin Song

Replication of the Implant Peri-abutment Epithelium: A Novel Approach to Investigating Epithelial Attachment
to the Implant Abutment
Supervisor: Dr. Hannu Larjava

Master of Science in Craniofacial Science / Diploma in Prosthodontics

Dr. Lubna Alkadi
IPS e.max CAD versus IPS e.max Press, a Fracture Mechanics Characterization
Supervisor: Dr. N. Dorin Ruse

Dr. Diego Ardenghi

Exploring the Views of Family Caregivers of Frail Elderly Patients About the UBC Geriatric Dentistry Program
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Wyatt

Dr. Ian Thornton

Characterization of Nanoceramic Resin Composites and Lithium Disilicate Blocks for CAD/CAM
Supervisor: Dr. N. Dorin Ruse

Dr. Faranak Zaeimdar

Surface Preparation Effect on Bonding to e.Max CAD: A Fracture Mechanics Approach
Supervisor: Dr. N. Dorin Ruse

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Ashkan Afshinkia
Dr. Fouad Alethawy
Dr. Tabarek Al-mosuli
Dr. Shamyla Ashraf
Dr. Dilraj Bal
Dr. Steven Barkwell
Dr. Najia Bhimji
Dr. Vikramjit Boparai
Dr. Shane Bot
Dr. Taneshwar Chahal
Dr. Jay Chan
Dr. Natalie Chaudhary
Dr. David Chen
Dr. Joy Chen
Dr. Esther Chen
Dr. Irene Cho
Dr. Lisa Cho
Dr. Jessica Church
Dr. Danielle Coulson
Dr. Lauren Currie
Dr. Tarndeep Dhillon
Dr. Lindsay Flumerfelt
Dr. Japjot Gill
Dr. Sasan Hadianfar
Dr. Sangwoo Ham
Dr. Michael Ho
Dr. Milena Hobbs
Dr. Phil Hou
Dr. Anderson Hsu
Dr. Steven Huang
Dr. Adeel Husain
Dr. Scott Jung
Dr. Priya Kandola
Dr. Aleem Kara
Dr. Annum Khosla
Dr. Tracy Kim
Dr. Amanpreet Kour
Dr. Andrew Lee
Dr. Madison Loh
Dr. Christopher Low
Dr. Ann Lu
Dr. Graham Macdonald
Dr. Leila Mohazab
Dr. Jinny Nam
Dr. Aleem Noormohamed
Dr. Mee-Jeong (Kate) Park
Dr. Jason Park
Dr. Sonny Phangura
Dr. Micah Pyde
Dr. TaekHyun Rhee
Dr. Shiny Sachdeva
Dr. Layth Adil Mohamed Salih
Dr. Harlene Sekhon
Dr. Sharon Shao
Dr. Tanmeet Singh
Dr. Michael Stearns
Dr. Charlene Tai
Dr. Laura Turner
Dr. Sinthi Vaithilingham

Bachelor of Dental Science (Dental Hygiene)

Marlene Araujo
Therese Balleza
Michelle Beattie
Mikayla Boyd
Kernveer Brar
Arryn Burant
Emily Burns
Kira Burvill
Marley Canfield
Christine Chore
Sally Chui
Airra Custodio
Tamara Edinger
Michelle Foster
Jiwan Gill
Sarah Graham
Bonnie Hoath
Damisha Jivraj
Guneet Kahlon
Suji Kang
Maryam Katoozi
Jade Lavallee
Simona Lazar
Donna Lee
Brinder Mann
Amy Menunzio
Michele Moreira
Alexandra Morrison
Kim Nguyen
Mandy Nip
Viviane Nuttall
Stephanie Ortner
Katya Parfenova
Tharani Pulendrarajah
Leigha Rock
Tali Rosenthal
Zara Scott
Kelsey Singer
Sarina Singh
Christina Spada
Daniela Starink
Brittany Stumpf
Jillian Tan
Laura Thistle
Bree Thompson
Nora Tong
Jessica Wong
Jacqueline Wong
Terrilyn Wong

Congratulations UBC Dentistry Graduates!

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