CSCN member from UBC Dentistry investigating OSA treatments


Dr. Fernanda R. Almeida

On World Sleep Day, March 15, 2019, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research—Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health recognized Canadian researchers in the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN) working across all themes: from basic sleep science to population and public health sleep research. CSCN contributions are vital in improving the overall health and wellness of Canadians.

At the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, CSCN member Dr. Fernanda R. Almeida and her team have been investigating the effectiveness of two of the most common treatments for OSA.

Read about her investigation here on the CIHR website >>

Additional Background Information

$4M in funding to Canadian sleep network—UBC Dentistry researcher plays a key role
November 6, 2015
Dr. Fernanda Almeida, UBC Dentistry dental sleep medicine expert and a co-investigator with CSCN, says the network’s research plan will involve multidisciplinary teams from 19 universities