DMD Required Courses

Please note that we do not provide a list of equivalency courses, nor do we assess/evaluate documents, transcripts, courses etc. prior to receiving an application.

Only applicants who have completed the following prerequisite courses by April of the academic year in which they apply will be considered for admission. The courses listed below are for students completing their prerequisites at UBC.  Applicants must have completed courses as listed in the combinations outlined only.

Out-of-province applicants can see UBC course descriptions (see link below) and compare courses.  Course descriptions must be comparable and both course content and credit transfers must be the same as the UBC courses, to be transferrable.  English courses must be taken in North America through the institution’s English department. In lieu of the required English courses listed below, one full year of English literature courses or one-half year English literature and one-half year English composition can be accepted.

To access course descriptions for these courses, please consult the UBC Student Services website.

Applicants studying in B.C. (excluding UBC Vancouver Campus) can check the BC Transfer Guide for equivalent course information.

  1. English – Minimum 6 credits^^
    Choose one of: ENGL 100 or 112 (recommended), or WORD 150 or ASTU 100B (Applicants who have taken ASTU 150 prior to September 2013 may apply these 3 credits.).
    In addition to these courses listed above, one of the following is required:  ENGL 110, ENGL 111, ENGL 120, or ENGL 121.  UBC applicants can meet the English requirement by successfully completed the Arts One Program, or  ASTU 100A.
  2. Chemistry – Minimum 6 credits**^^
    Minimum 6 credits. One of CHEM 111 and 113, CHEM 121 and 123, CHEM 111 and 123, or equivalents.
  3. Biology – Minimum 6 credits**^^
    UBC students who have been given an exemption from BIOL 111, the 5 credits of BIOL 121 and BIOL 140 are sufficient.
    Non-UBC and UBC applicant that do not have an exemption from BIOL 111, six-credits are required by completion of BIOL 111, BIOL 121 and BIOL 140.
  4. Organic Chemistry – Minimum 6 credits
    One of the following combinations:  CHEM 203 and 213; or CHEM 233, 235 and 213; or CHEM 233, 235 & 205.
    If taken prior to September 2011 at UBC: CHEM 203 & 204 is accepted.
  5. Biochemistry – Minimum 6 credits
    BIOC 303
    UBC students: One of the following combinations: BIOC 202 & BIOC 302 (recommended) or BIOL 201 & BIOC 302;  or if taken at UBC prior to September 2012 BIOC 300 is accepted.

Applicants who have completed course combinations based on previously published data are assured that they have satisfied the prerequisite requirements in the applicable subject above.

**UBC students who have completed the UBC Science One program, will have completed the requirements listed in #2 and #3 above.

^^IB or AP credits taken in high school can be used to meet the prerequisites as listed below:

The minimum grade required for IB credit in Biology and/or Chemistry is 6.

The minimum grade required for IB credit in English is 5.

The minimum grade required for AP credit in Biology, Chemistry and/or English is 4.

Applicants must declare any IB/AP courses used to meet prerequisite requirements, and submit transcripts as listed in the admissions procedures.

Only the above IB and AP scores listed are accepted at UBC.