Enhancing the Student Experience

Enhancing The Student Experience

Students are at the heart of what we do. As one of the top-ranked dental schools in Canada and a leader in dental education, UBC Dentistry provides students with the best learning experience possible. This is achieved by creating a vibrant and relevant curriculum delivered by world-class faculty members in an exceptional learning environment.

Our students have the opportunity to acquire critical clinical skills in a full-service dental and research clinic that supports over 35,000 patient visits each year. In addition, the newly opened graduate specialty clinic in the revitalized J.B. Macdonald building provides an enhanced student learning, research and patient care environment. The graduate specialty clinic provides specific teaching and treatment space for students in our graduate education programs. UBC Dentistry is the only dental school in Western Canada supporting six graduate education programs: periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, pediatrics and oral medicine/oral pathology.

With the most advanced technology available, UBC Dentistry is the model for education, research and patient care. In the words of an esteemed alumnus: “All I have I owe to being a dentist – and that came from UBC. My time there at the school of dentistry was tough at times, but I owe my life and so much to my degree, and so although it was expensive for me, I felt an obligation to donate back to the university for what it has given me. It makes me feel good as well.

The Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre contains the latest technology and has transformed the way UBC Dentistry students gain knowledge and training as part of their dental education. This innovative 39,000 sq. ft. clinical facility serves over 35,000 patient visits per year. Patients are able to receive the care they need while students gain clinical experience under the supervision of our valuable full time and part-time faculty members.

Opened in March 2006 with the generous support of individual and corporate donors, the Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre boasts 138 open operatories, 18 enclosed operatories, a suite of intra-oral rooms and radiology units, a hospital-grade sterilization space, as well as clinical laboratories and seminar conference rooms that facilitate interactive, dynamic learning in a technology-rich environment.

As we look forward to another decade of excellence in teaching and learning in dental education, we invite you to be part of the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre this spring. Please consider "adopting" an operatory for the benefit of future oral health care professionals–our students of today. To date 39 of the 126 open operatories in the Centre have been "adopted" by individual and group naming challenges and these donors have been recognized with unique dedication plaques. The naming of operatories in the clinic builds a lasting legacy and supports the academic teaching and an educational environment for dental and dental hygiene students. Our goal is to celebrate 20 new adopted operatories for this decennial celebration in 2016. Please consider being part of this legacy.

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UBC Dentistry is the only dental school in Western Canada that currently supports seven graduate education programs: periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, pediatrics and oral medicine/oral pathology and Public Health.

To meet UBC Dentistry’s commitment to provide an outstanding student learning, research and patient care environment, the Faculty has committed to redeveloping three key areas in the John B. Macdonald building (JBM):

Graduate Specialty Clinic
Slated to open in the summer of 2015, the graduate specialty clinic will feature 8 enclosed operatories and 12 open operatories for specialized procedures in addition to a conference seminar room, student computer work station, radiology suite and patient consultation space The new clinical facility will streamline the delivery of complex care to patients in a dynamic and interactive learning environment for students in the clinical specialties.

We are pleased to provide a $1.5 Million naming opportunity for the graduate specialty clinic to provide transformative learning experiences for our students. Naming opportunities are also available for individual operatories at the $25,000 and $50,000 level in the graduate specialty clinic.

Computer Learning Centre
Located on the main floor of the JBM building, the computer learning centre offers a $1 Million naming opportunity to enhance student learning at UBC Dentistry. Featuring computer workstations, the computer learning centre attracts the entire student body of our school for daily interactions and individual or group learning opportunities, classroom based learning and independent studies in a technologically advanced environment.

Graduate Student Commons
In this dedicated space, which opened on the first floor of the JBM building in the summer of 2012, graduate students can meet to discuss and develop complex treatment plans in a multi-faceted, problem-based learning structure. To enrich student learning experiences, we are pleased to provide a $1 Million naming opportunity for the graduate student commons, as well as $100,000 naming opportunities for each of the two conference rooms housed therein. Gifts at the $5,000 level will be recognized on individual study carrels in the graduate student commons.

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We have committed to expanding the level of financial support available to students. By providing entrance bursaries to talented individuals, this initiative will give more students the opportunity to gain a dental education without worrying about having sufficient funds to pursue their dreams.

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The Community Access Fund at UBC Dentistry will provide comprehensive dental treatment to patients who cannot afford to pay for it.

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