Dentistry Teaching and Staff Awards 2014

Congratulations to the following members of the Faculty of Dentistry who have been voted by the first-, second and third-year students at the end of term in summer 2014 to receive an award in recognition of their contributions to the educational programs in the Faculty.

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DMD Program

Dr. Fernanda Almeida
Dr. Ross Bryant
Dr. Ian Matthew
Neala Welburn

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Zul Kanji
Susan Schmitz

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DMD Program

Nadine Bunting
Dr. Brian Chanpong
Dr. James Lin
Dr. Komkham Pattanaporn

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Diana Lin

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—DMD Program

Dr. Catherine Anderson
Dr. Zohreh Ansari
Dr. Ahmed Ballo
Dr. Denise Carswell
Dr. Candy Cheung
Dr. Salem Ghrebi
Dr. Pawel Kindler
Dr. Ljiljana Kojic
Dr. Lucy Marzban
Dr. Reza Nouri
Dr. Asa Quon
Dr. Robert Rosenstock
Dr. Mathias Schede
Dr. Rafat Sobouti
Dr. Jim Vanderhook

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Carrie Krekoski
Dr. Geoffroy Noel
Keiko Ogami

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Dr. Abbas Jessani
Darlene Tam

Staff Recognition Award

Steve Allen
Jocelyn Byfield
Brendan Farrell
Alex Hemming
Roula Kordonis
Han-Chao Li
Brittany Yee


Teaching and Staff awards will be presented during the Dean’s Night Awards Program preceding the Bash! at the Commodore Ballroom, UBC Dentistry’s 50th anniversary celebration, on September 20, 2014.