Faculty of Dentistry Teaching Awards 2017

Congratulations to the following members of the Faculty of Dentistry who have been voted by the first-, second and third-year students at the end of term in summer 2017 to receive an award in recognition of their contributions to the educational programs in the Faculty.

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DMD Program

Dr. Jolanta Aleksejuniene
Jodi Ekk
Dr. Lamia El-Adwar
Dr. Peter Murphy

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Zul Kanji
Jelena Karan
Dr. Denise Laronde
Susan Schmitz

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DMD Program

Dr. Brian Chanpong
Dr. Ingrid Emanuels
Dr. Komkham Pattanaporn
Dr. Clifford Pau

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Dr. Clifford Pau
Dr. Batoul Shariati

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—DMD Program

Dr. Suzanne Carlisle
Dr. Denise Carswell
Dr. Richard Chau
Dr. Salem Ghrebi
Linda Martens
Dr. Mathias Schede
Dr. Maryam Taleghani

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Marilyn Blondahl
Jade Lavallee

DMD Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Dr. Meeta Bhatt
Dr. Abbas Jessani

DHDP Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Leigha Rock