Faculty of Dentistry Teaching Awards 2017

Congratulations to the following members of the Faculty of Dentistry who have been voted by the first-, second and third-year students at the end of term in summer 2017 to receive an award in recognition of their contributions to the educational programs in the Faculty.

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—Graduate Programs

Georgios Giannelis
Benjamin Pliska

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DMD Program

Jodi Ekk
David MacDonald

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Leeann Donnelly
Zul Kanji
Denise Laronde
Jelena Prelec
Susan Schmitz

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—Graduate Programs

Liat Tzur-Gadassi
David Kennedy

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DMD Program

Darren Dahlman

Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Rae McFarlane

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—Graduate Programs

Mahmoud Ektefaie
Ahmed Hieawy
Robin Jackson
Francine Lo
Mark Olesen

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—DMD Program

Suzanne Carlisle
Bill Catalano
Jeffry Davis
David Hou
Zoltan Keresztes
Brent Moore
Mark Norris
Erwin Soon
Gary Wong

Clinic/Session Faculty (UCF) Teaching Award—DHDP Program

Cindy Feedham

DMD Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Vincent Senini
Zhejun Wang

DHDP Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Leigha Rock


These teaching awards for the 2016–2017 academic year will be presented during the annual White Coat Ceremony & Dean’s Night on October 17, 2017.