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A BOLD Effort to Bring Closure to Disaster
September 17, 2014
UBC Dentistry's David Sweet and the Bureau of Legal Dentistry are teaching military dentists from around the world how to identify victims of disasters...

The Vanguard of Restorative Biomaterials Research
July 25, 2014
Three leading researchers in the dynamic field of restorative biomaterials are investigating new and better solutions to the big problem of dental restoration treatments breaking down too soon...

Building Better Implants—Cell by Cell, Nanometre by Nanometre
July 25, 2014
UBC Dentistry professor Don Brunette is working at the micro- and nanoscale to design implant surfaces that increase tissue growth and accelerate healing...



In Vivo Imaging—Fascinating Voyage of Discovery
March 21, 2013
As director of the Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics, Nancy Ford's work involves optimizing images, minimizing x-ray exposure and navigating massive, complex data sets...



Host-Grown Tissue and Bone—Using Stem Cells in Periodontal Regeneration
August 23, 2012
UBC Dentistry professor Edward Putnins is collaborating with medical colleague Fabio Rossi to investigate how a patient's own stem cells can be used to rebuild periodontal tissue and craniofacial bone...

And to All a Good Night! UBC Leaders in Dental Sleep Medicine
February 10, 2012
Sleep disordered breathing has become a growing health problem that affects the lives and well-being of sufferers and partners alike. Drs. Alan Lowe and Fernanda Almeida are working at the forefront of dental sleep medicine to help patients—and bed partners—get a better night's sleep, one deep breath at a time...



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