Graduate specialty clinic now open!

The specialty graduate programs—endodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics and orthodontics—now have a clinic located in the north end of the John B. Macdonald Building on the second floor. The new clinic is designed to support collaborative learning among the disciplines.

At 265 square metres (2,850 sq. ft.), the clinic will feature 8 enclosed operatories and 12 open operatories for specialized procedures in addition to a conference-seminar room, a computer work station, radiology suite and a patient consultation room.

UBC Dentistry appreciates the generous financial support from the following donors who have helped to build the new graduate specialty clinic:

Dr. Anthony Chan (DMD 1982) & Mrs. Joanne Chan (Dip DH 1982), enclosed operatory, patient consultation room

Dr. Joan Lang (DMD 1982) & Mr. Norman Wong, general renovations

Dr. William Liang (DMD 1983) & Mrs. Catherine Liang, enclosed operatory

Dr. James Lin (MSc/Dip Endo 2012) & Dr. Cindy Cho (DMD 2009), open operatory

Dr. Dennis Nimchuk & Mrs. Lydia Nimchuk, enclosed operatory

Dr. Reza Nouri (DMD 1994), PDG Pediatric Dental Group Inc., enclosed operatory

Dr. Donald Ragan (DMD 1974), open operatory

Dr. Ali Sadeghi (DMD 2000) & Dr. Neda Mousavi, enclosed operatory

Dr. Charles Shuler & Family, open operatory

Dr. Glenn van As (DMD 1987) & Lee-Ann van As, open operatory

Dr. Russell Yamada (DMD 1972), open operatory

Dr. Laurene Yen & Dr. Edwin Yen, open operatory

Dr. Clement Lear Dedication: Drs. Susan Academia-de Guzman, Kayvan Ashnaei (DMD 2007), Jim Der (DMD 1983), Nick Kahwaji, Steven Lam, Basil Lee, James Lee (DMD 1989), Robert Lin (DMD 1986), Dennis Lo, Garry Lunn, Salma Ramji (DMD 1984), Anna Rosenczweig (DMD 1986), Christopher Sing, Michael Tiu DMD 1992, Audrey Wong, Michael Wong (DMD 1993), Jane Wrinch (DMD 1992), Robert Yip, Allen Yu (DMD 1981), Richard Yu, Wilfred Yu, Edward Zhang (DMD 2005) and CDE @ UBC; enclosed operatory

DMD Class of 1987 Challenge: Drs. Larry Anderson, Janis Boyd, Victor Chow, David Ciriani, Peter Dueckman, Joan Eaton, Leslie Ennis, David Larsen, Vivien Leong, Terry Lim, Sharon Lord, Terry Mah, Thomas Martin, Russell Naito, William Riddell, Millan See, Elaine She, Lange Soo, Kim Trask and Glenn van As; open operatory

DMD Class of 1988 Challenge: Drs. Frank Arcadi, Peter Becher, Ronald B. Davidson, Henry Der, Laurance Flagg, Barbara Hori, Alan Lau, Rainold Lee, Angelique Leung, Henry Louie, Jennifer Matthews, Glenn Perrin, Brian Standerwick, Margaret Sutherland, Kiyoko Takeuchi, Monika Vladar, Michael Wade, Steven Wedan, Kenneth Welch, Norman F.L. Wong, Kelly Wright and David Yu; enclosed operatory

Endodontics Challenge: Drs. Houman Abtin (MSc/Dip Endo 2011), Jeffrey Coil (DMD 1985, PhD 1992), Elaine Lam, James Lin (MSc/Dip Endo 2012), Mark Parhar (DMD 1997, MSc/Dip Endo 2012), Ellen Park (MSc/Dip Endo 2012), Wei Qian (MSc/Dip Endo 2011) and Neda Tabatabaei (MSc/Dip Endo 2011); open operatory

Group Challenge: Drs. Howard Bittner (DMD 1982), Andrea Esteves (MSc 1984), Goli Khorsandian, Joy Maru, Mark Olesen (DMD 1988), Gary R. Wong and BAVO The Dentists’ Lab; open operatory
50th Anniversary Sponsors: Madaisky & Company Business Lawyers, MNP LLP, ROI Corporation, Scotiabank and Sinclair Dental; open operatory

A-dec, open operatory

Bisco Canada (Mr. Ron Suh), enclosed operatory

Clayburn Dental, conference room

Monarch Orthodontic Centre: Drs. Young Tze Kuah (DMD 1993) and Farah Mawani; computer workstation

Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre: Drs. Mark F Casafrancisco (DMD 2005), Peter Y.K. Chan, Elsa Hui-Derksen, John T.W. Hung and Jennifer Yee; computer workstation

The Dr. Wilson Kwong [DMD 1989] Family Foundation, open operatory

How can I support the graduate specialty clinic?
The prestigious legacy opportunity to name the graduate specialty clinic for a gift of $1.5 million is available. For more information, contact Jane Merling, director of Development & Alumni Affairs, at 604-822-5886 or

The new clinic also has technologies specific to the needs of the various graduate programs, such as operatories more conducive to specialty practices and more suitable for patients such as children and seniors. There are also consultation rooms and a conference room.

An environment in which specialty students treat patients and learn in close proximity to each other expands their scope of knowledge and instills a professional interaction model for managing their own complex cases in future private practice.

Patients with complex needs who are managed in this model will benefit by having input from multiple specialists who are readily accessible. This better ensures that the best treatment can be delivered in a timely fashion.

Scroll through photos of the new graduate specialty clinic.

Scroll through the architectural renderings and construction photos of the graduate specialty clinic.

The following articles feature the need and uses of the graduate specialty clinic.

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Graduate Specialty Clinic Update

How can I support the graduate specialty clinic?

The prestigious legacy opportunity to name the graduate specialty clinic for a gift of $1.5 million is available. For more information, contact Jane Merling, director of Development & Alumni Affairs, at 604-822-5886 or

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