IDDCP Curriculum


The Faculty of Dentistry is not accepting applications to the International Dental Degree Completion Program (IDDCP) until further notice.

For applications to the 4-year DMD program, or to a graduate/postgraduate program please see our website: for eligibility and information.

The following is for archival information only.

The Faculty of Dentistry embarked on a major change to its dental curriculum in 1997 with the introduction of a problem based or case based learning curriculum. This curriculum emphasizes self-directed learning and problem based learning in small group tutorials. There is less emphasis on the traditional lecture format. Learning occurs in small group seminars, simulation and clinical settings with some lectures.

Student contact hours have been increased during the day and classes commence at 08.00 a.m. and finish at 05.00 p.m. Students enter Term 3 of 2nd year, which is four weeks in duration, and usually commences in late May-early June.