Dr. Hannu S. Larjava

Research Interest:

Integrins and Proteoglycans in Periodontal Tissues

Cell adhesion to extracellular matrix proteins and to each other is mediated by cell surface receptors called integrins. Other extracellular matrix and cell surface-associated molecules, such as proteoglycans, also participate in regulating cell adhesion. Maintenance of normal tissue architecture as well as wound healing and tumor cell invasion are critically dependent on the proper function of these molecules. For example, adhesion of the junctional epithelium attaching the gingival tissue to the tooth enamel is mediated by integrins on the surface of epithelial cells. During healing of skin and periodontal wounds, integrins play a fundamental role in the cell-migration process of both epithelial cells and fibroblasts. My laboratory is interested in finding out the expression profiles, function and regulation of integrins and proteoglycans in periodontal tissues and cells during normal tissue maintenance, inflammation and wound healing.

Research Themes:

Selected Publications:

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