New faculty lecturer appointments at UBC Dentistry


The Faculty of Dentistry and the Department of Oral Health Sciences are pleased to announce four newly appointed Lecturers selected after a national search. This is the first time that the Faculty has appointed clinical Lecturers which are voting members of the Faculty Association. We are thankful for the service of the Search Committee members: Drs. Wyatt, Whitney, and Esteves. Please welcome these individual as they join TeamSmile!

Dr. Suzanne Carlisle

Dr. Suzanne Carlisle joined the Faculty of Dentistry at UBC in 2014 as a Clinical Instructor. She obtained her dental degree from UBC in 1997. Also from UBC she holds two certificates (Instructional Workshop 2016, Curriculum Design 2016) and a Provincial Instructor Diploma in Adult Teaching (2016), and a certificate in Inspired Leadership from Case Western University (2018). She has 22 years in dentistry and graduated as one of the top students in her UBC DMD class. “I’m proud to have had the pleasure to teach in most DMD courses, received several teaching awards, and work at BC Cancer Department of Oral Oncology. I look forward to contributing to my alma mater,” she says.



Dr. Derek Clease

Dr. Derek Clease completed all his post-secondary education at UBC, with an academic interest in evolutionary biology and parasitology (BSc1988 Zoology, MSc 1990 Zoology). He graduated from UBC Dentistry in 1994 and was engaged in private general practice for 24 years, retiring in 2018. Dr. Clease initially joined the Faculty of Dentistry at UBC as a Clinical Instructor in 1997. His interests and experience are largely focused on esthetically driven treatments combining a multidisciplinary approach (periodontics, preprosthetic orthodontics, occlusion, direct/indirect restorations and surgery). He has worked with multiple esthetic bonded and non-bonded dental materials and placed and restored a variety of implant systems. He is also excited by advancements in radiology (CBCT) and digital dentistry (scanning and CAD/CAM) and its incorporation into general dental private practice for diagnosis, record keeping, treatment planning and treatment.


Dr. Emil Sztopa

Dr. Emil Sztopa completed his DDM in 1981 at Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest, Hungary, and after moving to Canada, completed his DDS in 1992 at the University of Toronto. He has been a general dental practitioner throughout his career and began teaching at UBC in 2014 as a Clinical Instructor. He has won the Sessional Faculty Teaching Award three times and is also currently a Clinical Advisor. Dr. Sztopa says he is proud to be teaching and involved in many modules and other activities over the years such as Resto 1,2,3; Fixed Pros; PRDP; IPros; IGP 3,4; IGP oral exams; admission interviews; patient screenings; as well as being a Clinic Liaison and Clinical Advisor.



Dr. Gary Wong

Dr. Gary Wong received his DDS in 1982 from the University of Alberta. He has over 35 years of experience as a general dental practitioner, and has been a part-time Clinical Instructor at UBC Faculty of Dentistry since 2009. He is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists since 2015. “The most rewarding thing to me,” he says, “is to encounter former students at the conference or other gatherings and have them thank me and or fill me in on what’s happening in their “civilian” lives, be it grad school, family life or career. It’s altogether a very satisfying feeling knowing that they’ve established themselves in the world.”