Research Day 2010

3D Imaging For Assessment And Management Of The Craniofacial Complex

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
UBC Student Union Building Ballroom

The overall theme for Research Day 2010 is “imaging”. In dentistry it is critical to evaluate images of structures that are not visible to the naked eye. Many research advances have occurred to provide additional information to clinicians as they evaluate a patient’s signs and symptoms and generate a list of differential diagnoses. New advances in imaging have provided clinicians with clinical data that would have been impossible to obtain only a few years ago. Use of the imaging data has also undergone rapid changes with threedimensional evaluations that have only become possible with the enhanced computing power now available in clinical situations. The integration of advanced imaging techniques and evaluation of that imaging information are becoming commonplace in clinical care. Advances in imaging research are critical to the profession and focusing on this topic of
research is particularly important for dentistry.

Research Day - 2010


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