UBC dental hygiene graduates: where are they now?


To address a scarcity of studies on Canadian baccalaureate dental hygienists, researchers in the Faculty of Dentistry undertook a graduate outcomes study of those who earned a UBC Bachelor of Dental Science in Dental Hygiene (BDSc) degree.

Zul Kanji EdD(c), director of the UBC Dental Hygiene Degree Program, and Dr. Denise Laronde, associate professor, both in the Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, conducted an online mixed-methods survey in 2016.

Questions explored graduates’ reasons for pursuing a dental hygiene degree, how their abilities strengthened as a result of their education, and how the degree may have influenced aspects of their practice.

Results demonstrate that: 73 percent are practicing in British Columbia, 45 percent practice outside of the private dental practice setting, and 30 percent have pursued a graduate degree.

The study revealed graduates from UBC’s Dental Hygiene Degree Program are practicing in diverse roles in society (administration, clinical practice, education, research, and public health). And when compared to national data, UBC’s graduates practice more collaboratively, earn a higher income, and receive more employment benefits.

More details from the study have been included in two papers, the first of which has been submitted to the International Journal of Dental Hygiene.

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