UBC Faculty of Dentistry Sweeps the ACFD 2020 Awards

Zul_Kanji_with_Andrea_Esteves_Ed_Yen_Dean_MacDougallThe Faculty of Dentistry this year took all three top awards given by the Associational of Canadian Dental Faculties. These awards acknowledge outstanding Service, Teaching and Research accomplishments nationally. We are honoured that our faculty have been recognized for their tremendous accomplishments in 2020. The service and teaching awards were presented by ACFD President Dr. Andrea Esteves.

Dr. Edwin Yen has been chosen by the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry (ACFD) Board as the recipient of the ACFD Distinguished Service Award for 2020. This Award is a tribute to Dr. Yen’s many contributions to teaching, research, leadership service within dental education and the dental profession.

Dr. Zul Kanji has been chosen as the recipient of the ACFD National Dental Teaching Award for 2020. This Award is a tribute to his outstanding teaching as well as his excellent scholarship and leadership in teaching.

It is also with great pride that we share Dr. Joy Richman has been chosen as the recipient of the CADR-ACFD National Dental Research Award for 2020. This award is a tribute to Dr. Richman’s outstanding research as well as her excellent research mentorship and leadership.

Dr. Richman’s award ceremony was to be presented at the International Association of Dental Research Centennial meeting in Washington DC, March 17. Unfortunately, the meeting was canceled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Please join us in congratulating the great accomplishments of these faculty members and their contribution to advancing oral health and dental education.