2010 Athletes Get Top Dental Care

March 8, 2010

Throughout the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Dr. Chris Zed and his team of volunteer dentists and hygienists will be using a variety of 3M ESPE products to help athletes get top dental care thanks to a donation lead by 3M ESPEs business manager, Lisa Citton-Battel.

Gutam Khanna, 3M Media Arts Canada, talks to Dr. Zed about the entire dental services program for the Olympics and its lasting legacy. Watch the video below.

To watch this same video on 3M Media Arts Canada’s YouTube channel, click here.

Zed, who is an associate dean of UBC Dentistry, and Dr. Mark Parhar DMD 1997 led dental care on behalf of the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Organizing Committee (VANOC).