Incoming & Current Students

Student Services holds integrity, compassion, inclusion, innovation and transparency as the core values that set the shape of the filter through which we make our decisions. In this manner we plan to foster a safe, inclusive and innovative environment where all Faculty of Dentistry students can grow, succeed and find diverse opportunities that engage and challenge them.

Covid-19 Resources:

Due to time sensitive information the Covid-19 Resources is available for students to access. This page contains financial information, as well as resources to help students in these times.

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Health and Safety:

The Health and Safety contains important links and phone numbers for students’ safety and health. Here you will be able to find resources about mental health, sexual violence, safety and information for your general health.

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Student Wellbeing:

The Student Wellbeing contains information about wellbeing. Here you can learn more about ways that aid your current wellbeing, and how it may affect your academic life.

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Financial Resources:

The Financial Resources contains information about financial funds, financial aid, and additional resources for students.

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Study Resources:

Resources for learning support, alongside studying tips. This page is recommended for students seeking help with their academic performance.

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Student Pages:

Below are some student pages for resources.
Please note that the incoming student page has subpages for different degrees (DMD, DH, DHDC, and Graduate).

Indigenous Students While the Incoming & Current Students does hot have resources for our indigenous students the Indigenous UBC Portal contains all the information you might need. The Indigenous Student Resources section contains useful information and program advising.

Incoming Students Important information for new students. Incoming students should make sure to check this page, and complete the tasks required before arriving. Here students can also find a sneak peek tour!

International Students Information for international students. Here students can find resources for guides about immigration, taxes, working, health insurance and more.

Graduate Students Information and resources for graduate students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

This section contains answers to some of the frequently asked question.

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