Student Housing

Campus Accommodation

Campus Accommodation: It is important that you organize your accommodation in advance. For the September 2021 intake, a number of rooms in winter session student housing (Vancouver) will be set aside for newly-admitted graduate students. Priority for these rooms will be given to newly-admitted graduate students who have accepted their admission offer, have no prior experience at UBC, and reside outside of the Greater Vancouver area. In order to have the best chance of securing on-campus housing, newly-admitted students who meet those criteria should:

  • Submit BOTH a Winter Session and Year-Round Housing application. You will only pay one application fee ($50) if you submit both within a 14-day period.
  • Apply as soon as possible.

Currently, the majority of graduate students residing on-campus live in the two Colleges (Green College, St. John's College) and Acadia Park (student family), which are year-round residences. However, for students who are new to Vancouver and UBC, getting into single studio and shared living arrangements in winter session housing (8-month contract from September 2021 to end of April 2022) will allow you to get to know the city and look for long-term housing options while at the same time staying on the waitlist for year-round housing for May 2022.

Tip: Students increase their chances of receiving an offer for Student Housing if they apply for both Year-Round and Winter Session Housing. Graduate students receive first consideration in Year-Round Housing for some room types.

Graduate Student Colleges: UBC has two residential graduate colleges that offer accommodation dedicated to graduate students, visiting scholars and Postdocs; they each require a separate application:

UBC Student Housing: The UBC Student Housing website contains information about other on-campus housing opportunities that are available to all students, with specific information for Grad students. The residence overview provides some guidance as to which residence might be most appropriate for you. Please note: general on-campus housing is in high demand. You will have to apply very early to be able to receive a placement in time for your program start date. We recommend to apply for on-campus housing at the same time you apply for a graduate program or as early as possible when you know you will attend UBC!

Early Move-In

DMD Students begin their program approximately one week prior to the general UBC population and UBC Housing follows the general schedule when opening their residences for move-in. You can move in early. When accepting your offer of accommodation, be sure to speak with Housing about early move-in – they will advise you of the application procedures involved. Be aware that you will be assessed an additional week of rent.


Your move-out date is also important. The DMD Program’s first year ends in late-May 2020. The cycle utilized by UBC Housing reflects a general UBC undergrad schedule with classes and exams ending at the end of April.

If you’ve been offered accommodation in what UBC Housing calls “Winter Housing” (Fairview, Gage), you will need to immediately contact UBC Housing about extending your residency contract. Proof of your extended academic year can be obtained through UBC Dentistry Student Affairs ( Ideally, this is done prior to or early in your resident-contract.

If you’re in “Year-Round Housing” (Marine Drive or Thunderbird) your move-out is at the end of August 2022. If you need to move out earlier (i.e., directly after exams, mid-June), inform UBC Housing at least 2 months in advance. Proof of the DMD Program’s academic end-date can be obtained through UBC Dentistry Student Affairs (

Important note: Attempt to ensure that the residence contract you sign lists your early move-in date and your late move-out date. Confirmation of these dates may come after you’ve signed your contract. While it’s recommended that you have confidence that UBC Housing will make the necessary changes to your file, it’s a good idea to check approximately a month prior to occupancy. 

Family/Couples Accommodation

It is vital that prospective students apply for Family/Couples accommodation well in advance of the commencement of their studies.

This means applying before you learn if you’ve been accepted into the program – likely before you even submit your application.

If you didn’t apply for couple or family accommodation by Fall 2020 you may not get campus accommodation for the Fall 2021 school year. You can be placed on a waiting list in case something becomes available.

Off-Campus Housing

Neighbourhood cultures, living costs, and transit routes are important factors when looking for housing off-campus. UBC is served by 13 bus routes with connections to destinations throughout Metro Vancouver. All full-time students receive a reasonably-priced TransLink Compass Pass that provides unlimited travel on bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus. The cost of the pass is included in university fees.

For more information on the Compass Pass please visit:

For more information about locations near the University and how to go about finding accommodation, please visit


Specific questions about UBC Housing services, rates, contracts, etc. should be directed to UBC Housing (