Student Resource FAQs

Student Resources and General Questions

Print your own from the Grades & Records tab of your SSC account – you can even create a letter for previous years and sessions.

1. Step one: Log on to the Student Service Centre (SSC) using your Campus-Wide Login (CWL).
2. Step two: Select Grades & Records > Proof of Enrolment Letter
3. Step three: Select the Academic Session and download the letter.

Check with the intended recipient to find out if the letter needs to bear the UBC seal – if so, contact your Enrolment Services Advisor (ESA) or visit the Information Centre in Brock Hall.

Students must order their transcripts themselves.  Please review this link for information on how to order your transcript:

Information on awards and financial aid may be obtained from your assigned Enrolment Services Advisors (ES Advisor):

Enrolment Services
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1

Feel free to contact Dentistry Student Affairs at for any questions not answered on this site.
UBC also offers an ask me page where you are able to submit your questions.

Check out our Global Engagement page to find out more about the  Sinclair Travel Fellowship in India or Vietnam. Note that due to COVID-19, Global Engagement programs are currently suspended.

We are transitioning to UBC Pay-For-Print. Please log in to payforprint to print by uploading your document, selecting a printer, and paying the printing fee. First time users can set up their accounts here.

You must make a $100 deposit to activate your registration privileges. At the Student Service Centre, under the “Finances” menu, click on “Pay Fees” for details. Please note that if you pay the deposit but do not register in Summer Session classes, the deposit will roll forward and apply to your 2021 Winter Deposit/Tuition. If you pay the deposit, register in a Summer Session course, then subsequently drop the Summer Session course, the deposit is not refundable

CPR Related Questions

Yes, Students are required to maintain a CPR at the Healthcare provider level (HCP)* or CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, these will include CPR (adult, child and infant) + AED certification. This requirement contains training beyond that of a Level C CPR which may not include defibrillator or bag-valve-mask techniques

CPR methods have greatly evolved over the past decade and continue to go through significant evidence-based revisions annually as research progresses. For this reason, although your CPR card may say it is valid for two or three years, it is essential for students to re-certify annually at the Health Care Provider (HCP) level.

*Some providers are no longer offering CPR level HCP, and this has been replaced with CPR level BLS.

The CPR BLS standalone course takes about 4 hours for certification, and awards a 1-year certificate. A 2-hour course is required for re-certification.

Many cohorts elect to arrange CPR/BLS training for the entire class, or with students from other cohorts – Student Affairs is happy to book a room for you for this purpose. Currently some providers are offering online courses.

We do not make a recommendation regarding providers, please find a course that works in your schedule and location. We will require you to upload your certification/re-certification annually.

We do not make a recommendation regarding providers, please find a course that works in your schedule and location.
It is required to upload your certification/re-certification annually - by September 30th.

Criminal Background Check

Yes, the Criminal Record Review Act states that (1.1) an education institution must ensure that every registered student who will work with children or work with vulnerable adults undergoes (a) a criminal record check, or (b) a criminal record check verification. For full information on the matter visit the BC Law Part 4.1 for Registered Students.

We accept an electronic copy if it is sent by the police department or RCMP, or a hard copy in the sealed envelope directly from the student.

We have enrolled with the Criminal Records Review Program Applicant based online service.  Incoming students can use our access link and code to request a criminal records review, and the clearance will be forwarded to us directly. There is a $28 fee for accessing the service.

Community Placements and SPECO Related Questions

All residents and students who will be attending Community placements affiliated with Provincial Health Authorities are required to complete training modules through a learning hub account and to provide proof of completion before being assigned to placements.  If your cohort will be attending placements, you will be give assignments to complete through a CANVAS course

COVID-19 Related Questions

COVID-19 vaccines are available to all adults living, working or studying in B.C. during the pandemic. You do not need a BC Services card to be enrolled in BC’s Medical Service Plan (MSP) to get the vaccine.

You do not need to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to get the vaccine. International students and temporary foreign workers will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

You will be able to get your second shot 3 months after your first shot, even if you received your first shot in another province or country.

Bring your proof of vaccination record with you – You will receive your second dose with the same vaccine as you received for your first dose.

ADEA ADCFP Related Questions

Any faculty member can be contacted directly (in person, by email or phone) in order to serve as an ADCFP mentor.

The following faculty members have agreed to serve as mentors, feel free to contact them directly:

Dr. Vince Lee

Dr. Shimae Soheilipour

Dr. Nicholas Tong  Interest: Hospital and Geriatric Dentistry; Academic dentistry; Teaching and Learning; Dentistry in LTC settings

Prospective Mentors and Fellows could contact ADCFP UBC Liaison, Dr. Zul Kanji  for more information.

ADEA ADCFP website