Global Engagement


Global Engagement is dedicated to enriching the learning experience of our students and guests through shared educational opportunities. We invite global students to participate in various dental programs as well as collaborate with other universities that welcome our learners so that together, we create a mutual meaningful experience for scholars worldwide.

Visiting Programs:

Our visiting programs vary from a few days up to two weeks, which involve opening up our programs to visitors from around the world. During this time visitors have the opportunity to observe our students in state-of-the-art dental clinics and/or attend lectures and seminars given by world-renowned professors in oral health. Summer programs are available for a one month period.


Our Faculty of Dentistry has close and productive associations with universities and organizations throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa and Latin America. UBC’s Asia-Pacific connections, built over many years, have yielded a powerful set of partnerships and academic exchanges.

Contact Us:

Whether you are a current international student looking to broaden your horizons through global learning opportunities or you are hoping to visit our campus and facilities as a prospective student, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can recommend a program that fits your objectives.