UBC Winter 2020/21 sessions have moved online, and due to current uncertainties the Observership program will continue on hold until further notice. Please contact us if you would like to be alerted once our visiting programs open, we are looking forward to opening up when it’s possible.

About our Observerships:

The UBC Faculty of Dentistry Observership Program was established with the goal of sharing leading Canadian dentistry practices with the global dentistry community. By opening our clinics and lectures to visitors from around the world, we can contribute to further learning and improvement of dentistry practices beyond the local community.

The observership program runs throughout the UBC academic year and allows individual students, faculty, and other groups to observe our students in the Faculty of Dentistry’s state-of-the-art clinics. Observers can attend lectures and/or seminars given by world-renowned professors of oral health. It is a non-credit, per-day program meant to supplement learning, especially paired with pre-existing dentistry experience.

Program duration has a minimum of one day and a maximum of two weeks.

Important Information:

This program is for students currently attending university, or faculty member. We only accept applications directly from the interested individual or from a faculty member represent for a group of students.




The UBC Faculty of Dentistry Observership Program has a $57.00 CAD per-day fee.


A sample schedule can be found here Visitor Schedule 2020