Vancouver Summer Program

The Vancouver Summer Program consists of two courses in each package.

Each course is approximately 39 hours of class time. The Faculty of Dentistry offers 3 different packages to choose from. Each package contains classes that are interactive and often include group work and discussions. Evaluation may include assignments, group projects, papers, exams, and participation marks. Students will receive a grades letter with a percentage grade. Please note that VSP credit may be granted by the student’s home university (at its discretion).

The program begins July 11th and concludes on August 11th, 2020.

Packages Offered:

*For more information about package programs please visit the Vancouver Summer Program page.

  • Package A – Implications of Dental Caries and Oral Cancer
  • Package B – Foundations of Oral Health Professions
  • Package C – Correlative Imaging

Application Information

Application deadline is March 30, 2020
*Packages have maximum numbers. Early application is encouraged.

Before you apply make sure to meet the program eligibility requirements. Furthermore, collect the contact information of an authority figure at your school who can verify your student status, academic background, and proficiency in English. Their name, phone number, and email address will be requested in the application. (This person may be an administrator at your University’s International office, a faculty adviser, or a professor, etc.)

The packaged fee per student for the 2020 program is $5,250 CAD. It includes:
  • Course materials and tuition for two courses
  • Shared accommodation on UBC campus
  • Medical insurance
  • Transportation by shuttle bus to and from airport (during peak hours)
  • Vancouver city tour
  • Orientation and farewell events
  • Social activities (optional trips may require an additional fee)



For more information on how to apply to Vancouver Summer Program please visit the application page.
(clicking on the link on Step 3 directs you towards the application form).