Vancouver Summer Program

Course Format

This in-person program takes place from July 14 to August, 14, 2023. Courses will consist of interactive in-person lectures from UBC Faculty of Dentistry instructors and researchers.

Packages Offered

The Vancouver Summer Program consists of two courses in each package. Packages are themed, comprising of two relevant courses taught by world-class UBC Faculty instructors. Each course is approximately 39 hours of instructional time that includes practical and theoretical learning. Students will earn a certificate and grades letter upon successful completion at the end of the program.

  • Package AImplications of Dental Caries and Oral Cancer
    • No prerequisites, but these courses are directed to students enrolled in Dental programs

*For more information about package programs please visit Dentistry’s Vancouver Summer Program page.

Application Information

The application deadline is April 1, 2023. The process involves ten steps…

  1. Find out if you qualify for the program by reviewing our program eligibility.
  2. Once you’ve established your eligibility, you’re ready to apply.
  3. We’ll contact the administrator you listed on your application to verify your information. If we don’t hear back, we won’t be able to complete your application, so make sure they’re expecting it. Be sure to check with them first if you don’t hear back from us.
  4. If we accept your application, we’ll send you a Letter of Acceptance by email. Carefully review the information in the letter and inform us straight away at if anything is incorrect.
  5. Obtain valid documentation for travel to Canada. Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance, visit Immigration & Citizenship Canada for the latest travel requirements.
  6. As soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance, make your payment through our Western Union payment page. The full fee is required upfront and there is no deposit fee.
  7. We will email you an electronic Flight, Accommodation, and Roommate form along with the e-receipt for your payment. Submit your completed form with all information on flights and rooming preferences filled in.
  8. We provide health insurance coverage to all participants in the Vancouver Summer Program. Be sure to print or keep a copy of your iMED card on your phone in preparation for your visit.
  9. Next, complete and submit your Vancouver Summer Program Consent Package.
  10. We will send you information on enrolling and completing the online orientation course before you begin your program. When you arrive, you’ll have a UBC campus orientation, too.

For VSP Dentistry-specific questions, email Siobhan Ryan, Assistant Manager for Student Services, at