Strategic Plan

The ten goals of UBC Dentistry’s Strategic Plan are identified below. Click the links to read about each one.

Ten Goals of the Strategic Plan

Goal 1:

Faculty and Staff Model the Core Values of the Faculty of Dentistry as per our Guiding Principles (PDF)

Goal 2:

Accept and graduate students who share Faculty of Dentistry Core Values as per our Guiding Principles (PDF)

Goal 3:

All undergraduates, graduates and post-graduate programs meet the highest standards of excellence and reflect community needs and expectations (PDF)

Goal 4:

Encourage greater connection between UBC and the external community, including the University, organized dentistry and dental hygiene, practicing dentists and dental hygienists, and the greater communities of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Internationally (PDF)

Goal 5:

Develop additional multi-site clinical learning environments to optimize learning opportunities, better serve disadvantaged population groups and attract the best students from all sectors of B.C. (PDF)

Goal 6:

Expand the international presence at UBC and UBC’s presence globally (PDF)

Goal 7:

Develop and maintain outstanding facilities to support students through their programs in Dentistry (PDF)

Goal 8:

Increase Research and Scholarly Activity (PDF)

Goal 9:

Develop New and Expanded Graduate/Specialty Programs (PDF)

Goal 10:

Develop Research and Scholarship Support Mechanisms (PDF)