Our students and faculty engage in many impactful areas of innovative research, ranging from oral cancer to craniofacial development.

Research Supervisors

Find UBC Dentistry research supervisors.

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Research Clusters

We have four research clusters, representing approximately 40 faculty members engaged in research.

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Research Day

This annual event highlights the Faculty’s many research accomplishments.

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Endodontic Biobank

The endodontic biobank receives, stores and processes teeth for research projects that aim to improve oral health outcomes.

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Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics (CHTP)

The CHTP offers a comprehensive suite of imaging technologies and aims to provide multidimensional information and analysis about specimens’ fine structures.

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Advancing Multifunctional Dental Biomaterials (AMDB) Research Excellence Cluster

The AMDB research excellence cluster seeks to advance dental research across three main pillars: oral care, regenerative and reconstructive dental materials.

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