Reference Letter Request

Please follow the steps below to obtain a reference letter, PASS, or other forms signed by the Dean or an Associate Dean of UBC Dentistry.

Give Plenty of Lead-Time

Please give your referees at least three weeks lead time, particularly if you need a letter from the Dean or Associate Dean. On top of their full schedules, they are often out of town. You may want to give them even more time if you have complicated needs (e.g., several letters with different information on each).


  1. Print out and complete a “Request for a Reference Letter from the Dean” form. You can also obtain the form from Student Services (JBM 278) or the Dean’s office (3rd floor, IRC)
  2. Make sure that you have gathered all the supplemental information noted on the request form.
  3. Submit the completed request form and the supplemental information to the Student Services office (JBM 278) or mail it to:

Student Services
278-2199 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

  1. Student Services will contact you when the letter(s)/form(s) are ready for pick up or they will let you know that they have been mailed.

Good luck with your applications!