Patient Care

Thank you for considering the UBC Faculty of Dentistry for your dental care needs!

The Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre is proud to deliver excellent care to our patients and provide the clinical setting to educate our students. The clinic uses state-of-the-art technology and an innovative architectural design to create a sophisticated, efficient space for learning, community service and research.

Students enrolled in two undergraduate programs (dentistry and dental hygiene) and five graduate programs (studying to become specialists) are available to provide treatment. The scope and extent of treatment must meet the requirement set forth by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.

Benefits of becoming a patient

  • Your oral health is our priority. We provide individualized care by students and licensed, experienced supervisors in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • All supervisors are qualified dentists and oral specialists from the community who dedicate their time to teach students relevant and modern dental techniques and promoting the profession.
  • You will experience a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your treatment. We will evaluate your concerns, and if needed, specialty services are available on-site with an easy referral process.
  • The Faculty provides financial support for the cost of treatment in the form of discounted fees compared to those normally charged in private practice.
  • You are contributing to developing compassionate, competent, professional dentists and promoting the evolution of the healthcare system. Your commitment to our program is greatly appreciated.

Code of Ethics

The UBC Dentistry Code of Ethics represents a set of principles of professional conduct, rules and responsibilities by which students must aspire to fulfill their duties to their patients, the public, the profession, faculty, staff and fellow students.

Research participation

Inviting patients to support research by donating their extracted teeth for future studies is common practice.

The scientific rationale for collecting extracted teeth for research lies in their potential as a rich source of samples to simulate a real-life situation during dental treatment. This provides researchers with valuable opportunities to study various aspects of dental treatment.

All tooth donations are voluntary and anonymous. The donors’ privacy is protected, and samples cannot be traced back to the donor’s identity.