General Dentistry

Treatment Provided by Students in UBC’s Undergraduate Program in General Dentistry

OUR CLINICS ARE NOW OPEN, BUT NOT ALL PROGRAMS ARE ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS AT THE MOMENT. Our clinical activities are returning and we will be able to continue to care for our patients. We are expecting that our regular schedule for new patient intake will be different this year. For those seeking to become a patient, please check the Programs that are currently accepting new patients. For current patients of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, if you require urgent dental care, please contact your assigned student to assist you.


What Services We Provide:

Comprehensive Care:

  • Multiple treatments (cleaning, fillings, partial dentures, complete dentures, crowns, bridges):


Limited/Specific Treatments:

  • Dental care that includes fillings, crowns, dentures, cleanings
  • Braces: see Orthodontics
  • Complete Dentures:
  • Extractions:
  • Multiple Fillings: submit the Patient Contact Form to General Dentistry (Multiple Fillings)
  • Multiple Fillings: open
  • Complete Dentures: submit the Patient Contact Form to General Dentistry (Complete Dentures)
  • Root Canals (for patients who do not have a referral from a dentist): submit the Patient Contact Form to General Dentistry (Root Canals)(We are not accepting Root Canal patients at the present time.)
  • Root Canals (for patients who do not have a referral from a dentist):
  • Extractions: (We will not be accepting Oral Surgery/Extractions patients again until the final week of August, 2016.)

Who Can Receive Treatment?


  • Fees for treatment are 60% of what most family dentists charge

About Comprehensive Care:
Student dentists in the Doctor of Dental Medicine program are looking for patients who require at least 3 procedures to be treated: fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, and dentures. If you think that you may require enough work for our student dentists then you can request a screening appointment for comprehensive care.

Screening is only a visual look in your mouth to confirm that you require enough dental work. No treatment is done during the screening appointment. This appointment will take approximately one hour. Screening times for Term 1 (Aug-Dec) are as follows: Monday PM; Tuesday AM & PM; Thursday PM; and Friday PM.

If you meet the requirements and are accepted, you will be charged a $20.00 screening fee. From this point you will be placed on a wait list to be assigned to a dental student. The wait can be one to two months due to the high volume of patients.

I Want to Become a Patient

Get started by filling out the Patient Contact Form: