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Created in 2017 as part of the 100th year of alumni UBC, the Alumni Builder Award recognizes a cross-section of alumni representing all faculties who have significantly contributed to the University and enriched the lives of others, and in doing so, have supported alumni UBC’s mission of realizing the promise of a global community with shared ambition for a better world and an exceptional UBC.

We are proud to honour the UBC Dentistry Alumni Builder Award recipients whose generous contributions have enriched the lives, and learning of everyone within the Faculty.


Dr. M. Reza Nouri, DMD’94, MSc’04

Dr. Nouri is a dedicated oral health professional who runs a private practice, teaches part-time, mentors students in volunteer activities, and sponsors their social sporting events.

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Dr. Anu Rehtlane, BSc’76, DMD’81, LLB’84

Dr. Rehtlane is a triple alum and her volunteerism and generosity in the community speaks to her widespread interests, both outside of UBC and as part of the Faculty of Dentistry.
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Dr. Thomas E. O’Brien, BASc’70, MASc’74, DMD’78

Ed O'Brien

Dr. O’Brien’s life and career have been illuminated by his passion for volunteerism, both within and outside of his chosen profession of dentistry. Numerous accolades celebrate his dedication to improving the lives of young people through mentorship, and his tireless advocacy work on behalf of the profession of dentistry.
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Dr. Richard Wilczek, DMD’81

Richard Wilczek

Dr. Wilczek is not only a loyal and engaged alumnus; as a long time leader in the profession, he inspires others with his selfless dedication to the underserved.
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Dr. Greg Chang, DMD’86

Greg Chang

For his distinguished and inspirational community leadership, and tireless advocacy for the Faculty of Dentistry.


Brenda Currie, DipDh’76, BDSc’04, MSc’07

For her dedication to oral cancer prevention in British Columbia.

Dr. David L. Hemerling, BSc’89, DMD’93

For his long-time service as a volunteer dentist and student mentor at UBC Dentistry’s community outreach dental clinics.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson-Lee, BSc’88, DMD’92

For her service as a UBC Dentistry volunteer, promoting dental outreach in marginalized or impoverished communities.

Dr. Angelique O. Leung, BSc’84, DMD’88

For her support of the Faculty of Dentistry and her long record of service to the dental profession in British Columbia.

Dr. Doug T. Nielsen, DMD’72

For his long record of leadership and mentorship establishing volunteer dental clinics in BC and internationally.

Sherry L. Priebe, BDSc’03, MSc’09

For her many contributions to UBC Dentistry and her tireless efforts promoting dental hygiene and oral health.

Dr. David Sweet, OC, DMD’78

For his passion and dedication to dental education and his leadership in forensic odontology.

Dr. Andrew H. Tsang, BSc’96, DMD’97

For his unwavering support of UBC Dentistry mission initiatives in Vietnam.