DEI Team

In January 2021, the Faculty of Dentistry launched the DEI Advisory Committee to work toward inclusive, diverse, friendly, and respectful culture and values for our staff, students, faculty and patients. We work collaboratively with our DEI subcommittees of students, staff and faculty reps to collectively share our voices.

DEI Advisory Committee

Student Committee Representatives:

DMD 2023Amirali HassaniDiane Nguyen
DMD 2024Annika KoonarGrace Barlow
DMD 2025Shuwen LiuPavneet Kalsi
DMD 2026Valerie Mensah-WilsonTavleen Kaur Ramgarhia
DHDP 2023Kaylin HoAvigail Lauz
DHDP 2024vacantvacant
DHDP 2025Xuan Nguyenvacant
DHDP 2026Angela Bahiavacant
SCFCNasim Noroozbahari (DMD 2023)
MSc/PhD Grad StudentsZahra AbbasiparashkouhTala Maragha
MSc/PhD Grad Specialtyvacantvacant

Faculty Committee Representatives:

Full-time faculty on tenure and lecturesHsingChi von BergmannBen Pliska
Clinical salaried facultyShimae SoheilipourCarrie Krekowski
Sessional instructorsKenji ShimizuMyrna Halpenny
Director for Community Engaged Learning Leeann Donnelly
Ex-officioWarren Roberts
Ex-officio: Director of Student AffairsZul Kanji

Staff Committee Representatives:

CUPE 2278Mohamed Amhmedvacant
CUPE 2950Pinky JohalTanja Bogdanovic
M&PKristina Hiemstravacant
CUPE 116vacantvacant
Ex-officio: Dentistry Embedded Counsellor Lisa John