Visiting Programs

What kind of programs do we offer?

Global Engagement currently offers 3 visiting programs that meets different purposes and lengths.

  • Observerships (1-14 days) are meant for visitors.
  • Externships (1-5 days) are meant for students interested in Grad programs.
  • VSP (one month 2 course summer program) is meant for Grad, DMD or those considering a career in dentistry.

If unsure which one best fits you feel free to learn more on their dedicated pages or by contacting us.


Observerships are a perfect way for students or faculty members to visit our faculty. In this program visitors will observe our DH and DMD programs, from 1 to 14 days (limited to 5-7 people per day). Visitors are able to decide the length of their stays, and the focus of their visit. Please visit the dedicated page to apply for a visit.


This program is for students interested in experiencing our graduate specialty programs for a period of 1-5 days. Extern can pick from a selection of pre-set dates. Availability is limited, and depends upon the specialty program desired to join.

Vancouver Summer Program (VSP):

We currently offer 3 different course packages through the Vancouver Summer Program for 2020. This month-long demanding program offers individual courses that are directed to Grad Students, DMD students, and those considering a career in Dentistry. Students must formally apply for the this program through the VSP page. More information is found below, feel free to contact us.


Taiwan Students