Visiting Programs

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What kind of programs do we offer?

UBC Dentistry currently offers 3 visiting programs for inbound students. If you have any questions, please fill out this contact form.


We accept visiting Dental students or faculty members to observe in our Dentistry and Dental Hygiene programs from 1-10 days (generally limited to 5-7 visitors per day).


Dental students and recently graduated dentists can experience our graduate clinical specialty programs at set times throughout the academic year, for a period of 2-10 days. Limited availability dependent on the program schedule.

Vancouver Summer Program (VSP):

The Faculty of Dentistry is particularly well prepared to continue to make significant contributions to our profession’s body of knowledge through our active faculty research, outstanding curriculum and the most technologically advanced dental clinic in the world, the Nobel BioCare Oral Health Centre. Courses will consist of interactive in-person lectures from UBC Faculty of Dentistry instructors and researchers.

This in-person program begins Mid-July and concludes Mid-August.


Taiwan Students