Mission Statement

Global Engagement is devoted towards bridging learning opportunities worldwide, and creating new connections between scholars. We aim to welcome global students to participate in various dental programs as well as collaborate with other universities that welcome our learners. This advances our mission to make progress in oral health care through outstanding education, research and community service. Throughout the years we have established strong relationships with teaching hospitals and universities, and we strive to forge more ongoing meaningful collaborations.

Purpose and Values

The Faculty of Dentistry holds great value in our relationships with our global partners and collaborators. Currently we have many close and productive associations with universities and organizations throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Africa and Latin America. UBC’s Asia-Pacific connections, built over many years, have yielded a powerful set of partnerships and academic exchanges.

We must continue to play a strong role in global engagement, learning about the world around us and empowering people to be good stewards and agents of change. This requires an outward orientation in our education, research and community development. It requires a willingness to collaborate and connect, with the passion for engagement that is a part of the fabric of our university.

We will continue to expand opportunities for faculty exchanges, for our students to study abroad through Go Global and other central UBC initiatives, and for international students to participate in exchange programs at UBC. Through collaboration, at home and abroad, we will help students, faculty and staff broaden their perspectives, learn from peers and colleagues around the globe, and contribute to a shared positive impact.

Bringing Programs To You

Global Engagement provides an array of programs for global learners. Currently we offer observerships, externships and summer programs, but we are always engaged in creating new ways of learning. Furthermore, we are also devoted to sharing research, service and teaching resources with global institutions and welcome faculty members from around the world to visit with us, and engage with our community.

For information about research collaborations, visit the Visiting International Research Students website.