Before Travelling

Mandatory Modules

We are sure you are getting excited about travelling very soon, but there are few mandatory steps to complete!

All UBC students travelling internationally must complete the Student Safety Abroad Registry. In this online form you should enter your trip information including: your emergency contacts, travel insurance, passport details, and destination information. It is also where you electronically sign off on UBC’s student mobility agreement – an agreement acknowledging your responsibilities as a UBC student while travelling for academic purposes. It should take  about 15 minutes to complete and you’ll need to have your passport, insurance info, emergency contact details and location information on hand to complete it. This is useful in case there is an emergency situation, if UBC needs to reach out to assist you.

Regarding Travel insurance, you are most likely aware that you are covered if you have the AMS health insurance package, but we require you to provide us with proof of Travel Insurance coverage, and that you carry proof of coverage with you while travelling.

Working abroad as a volunteer has profound impact in many people's lives. These positions allows students to be a model citizens, gain experience and do vitally important work, but it is crucial that volunteers understand their role and how to successfully perform their role.

This is why students are required to complete the Unite for Sight online course, Volunteer Ethics and Professionalism Online Course, a short 5 module course that provides a foundation for students.

Recommended Modules

All students should consider completing the pre-departure essential modules, organized by the Faculty of Medicine.

There is also a pre-departure module about safety on Canvas, organized by the Go Global group.

There are some good resources in there, along with some information I am sure you already are aware of: please take a look in case there is something you didn’t think of yet – you can find info about exchange rates, local costs of living, how to get money when you are abroad, and different safety and organizational ideas, so there might be something helpful!

Travel Advisory

Before travelling be sure to check the current travel advisories at