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UBC Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Videos

Check the following four videos from UBC Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. These videos will highlight what’s special about UBC, what other students find special about UBC, and a snapshot of the campus to get you excited about your new journey at UBC!

Welcome to UBC!


Start your UBC Grad Journey now!


UBC Grad School: Reach your potential


2019 Orientation: Why are you excited to be at UBC?


Faculty of Dentistry Open House 

In this 2 minute open house, we’ll walk you through the Nobel Biocare Oral Health Center and the John B MacDonald Building. You’ll see the Faculty’s oral clinics, graduate specialty clinics, study areas, study lounge, and more!

UBC Interactive Campus Tour

Check out our Vancouver campus from anywhere in the world! In our virtual tours, current UBC walk you through key locations, giving you a feel for what it’s like to live and learn at UBC. You’ll see UBC’s residences, libraries, recreational facilities, lecture halls, gardens, and more!

Check it out, here!