All 4 years of clinical and didactic instruction are taken at UBC-Vancouver.

Students entering the Dental Hygiene Degree Program via the Entry-to-Practice Admission Option must take the following courses:

First Year (36 credits)

DHYG 106 Basics of Oral Microbiology 3 credits
DHYG 108 Oral Health Sciences I 3 credits
DHYG 110 Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice I 6 credits
CHEM 121 Structure and Bonding in Chemistry 4 credits
BIOL 155 Physiology & Intro to Anatomy 6 credits
BIOL 180 Thinking Like a Life Scientist 2 credits
ENGL 110 Approaches to Literature and Culture 3 credits
WRDS 150 Research and Writing in Humanities and Social Sciences 3 credits
PSYC 101 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology 3 credits
PSYC 102 Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology 3 credits

Second Year (36 credits)

DHYG 206 Head & Neck Anatomy 3 credits
DHYG 208 Oral Health Sciences II 12 credits
DHYG 210 Dental Hygiene Theory & Practice II 18 credits
STATISTICS 203 Statistical Methods 3 credits

Third Year (36 credits)

DHYG 310 Dental Hygiene Theory & Practice III 18 credits
DHYG 325 Applied Pharmacology 3 credits
DHYG 400B icon_computerPolicy Analysis and Change 3 credits
DHYG 401 icon_computerOral Epidemiology 6 credits
DHYG 435 icon_computerOral Medicine and Pathology 3 credits
DHYG 461 icon_computerCritical Appraisal & Professional Writing in Quantitative Research 3 credits

Fourth Year (36 credits)

DHYG 405 Oral Microbiology and Immunology 3 credits
DHYG 410 Dental Hygiene Theory & Practice IV 18 credits
DHYG 412 icon_computerOral Health Care Trends and Topics 6 credits
DHYG 462 icon_computerCritical Appraisal & Professional Writing in Qualitative Research 3 credits
Electives2 (3rd or 4th year level course(s) only) 6 credits

Courses with a “icon_computer” denote courses that are offered jointly in an online, distance education format by the Faculty of Dentistry and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT). Courses with a “icon_classroom” denote classroom based courses.


2Elective courses must be UBC courses (transfer credit is not permitted) and may be taken in areas of interest such as: health promotion, residential care, geriatrics, community health, adult education, health care ethics, inter-professional education, behavioural sciences, economics, etc. It is possible to choose suitable online elective courses or classroom-based courses.

Download a list of examples of suitable elective courses (PDF)