The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the Dental Hygiene Degree Program’s Entry-to-Practice option. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the Dental Hygiene Admissions office.

Q. What are the prerequisites for the Dental Hygiene Degree Program?
A. The prerequisites for the Dental Hygiene Degree Program are all at the high school level. Check the Admission page for a complete list of prerequisites. Applicants from outside BC/Yukon can find high school course equivalency information on the UBC admissions website.

Q. How do I apply to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program’s Entry-to-Practice option?
A. There are three steps to the Entry-to-Practice application process:

1. Apply online through the UBC admissions website. The general UBC admissions office will handle evaluation of your transcripts and English eligibility. Please see our website for information on the UBC online application, and send all required documents to the UBC admissions office by the posted deadline date.  All inquiries about transcript receipt and evaluation should be directed to the general UBC Enrollment Services.

2. Complete your Dental Hygiene Supplemental Application. Please see our website for the Supplemental Application deadline date.

3. Attend the Dental Hygiene Degree Program Open House/Interviews.

Q. I am applying to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program’s Entry-to-Practice option. Which application should I choose?
A. Be sure to choose the “Entry-to-Practice Supplemental Application”:

Dental Hygiene Entry to Practice Program Selection

Dental Hygiene Entry to Practice Program Selection

Q. I am applying to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program’s Entry-to-Practice option. Where should I send my supplemental application fee?
A. The non-refundable supplemental application fee (see website) should be submitted online by credit card.

Cash or cheques are not accepted.

Transcripts and any other supporting documents for your online application to UBC should be sent to the UBC admissions office:

The University of British Columbia
Undergraduate Admissions
2016 – 1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z1

Official transcripts must be mailed to UBC directly by the issuing institution. See this website for how and this website for when to submit documents, or contact UBC Enrolment Services.

Q. When I applied to UBC, I indicated the Dental Hygiene Degree Program as my second choice. Why do I keep receiving emails about it? Do I need to complete the supplemental application even though Dental Hygiene is my second choice?
A. We send emails with important application information to everyone who indicates the Dental Hygiene Degree Program as one of their choices. If you do not submit a Dental Hygiene Supplemental Application, you will not be considered for admission to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program. This will not affect admission to your other degree program choices.

Q. How much does the Entry-to-Practice option cost?
A. Financial information is detailed on our website.

Q. How many Entry-to-Practice applicants are accepted?
A. There are up to 30 seats in the first year Entry-to-Practice class.

Q. Do you accept international students?
A. Yes, we accept international students to the Entry-to-Practice option. Please note that each country has its own regulatory authorities for dental hygiene practice. Completing a dental hygiene degree in Canada does not necessarily confer the right to practice dental hygiene in your country. Please consult the regulatory authority in the country where you wish to practice to ensure that a Canadian dental hygiene degree will be recognized. More information about international student equivalents and English requirements is available from the UBC admissions website.

Q. I want to live in student housing at UBC. How do I get into a residence?
A. UBC’s Housing office handles all residence applications. You should apply to live in student housing as part of your online UBC application.

Q. I have already taken most of the first-year Entry-to-Practice courses. Can I begin the program in second year?
A. All admitted applicants begin the Entry-to-Practice option in first year. Applicants with previous university transfer credit will not have to repeat courses they have already taken; however, the core Dental Hygiene courses must be taken over four years. Students with transfer credit will have the option of being part-time students in first year, or taking additional courses.

Q. I have applied to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program. When will I hear back about admission?
A. The Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee meets to review applications once a year in April. Offer letters will be sent to successful applicants in late April. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the end of May. During the application process, please regularly check your applicant status in the UBC Student Service Centre after you have submitted your online application. Your applicant status will indicate whether your application is complete.

Q. I missed the application deadline. Can I apply now or do I have to wait until next year?
A. The application deadlines are firm. Please apply next year.

Q. I want to begin the program in January. When should I apply?
A. All Dental Hygiene Degree Program options admit new students for September only.

Q. Do you have a waitlist? How long is the waitlist?
A. Qualified applicants whom we cannot send an offer to will be placed on the waitlist. We do not release its length. Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to apply again the following year.

Q. What is an interim transcript?
A. If you are going to graduate from high school in June, or if you are taking post-secondary courses that do not finish until April, you should still send all transcripts to UBC before the general document deadlinehttps://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/dates-deadlines/ . Since the transcript will not be complete at that time, it is called an “interim” transcript. Once you have completed your courses in April or June, you must send a “final” transcript as well so that UBC can verify that you completed all courses and maintained your GPA.

Q. I want to become a dentist. Will the Dental Hygiene Degree Program prepare me for the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Program?
A. Dental hygiene and dentistry are separate professions. Our Dental Hygiene Degree Program prepares outstanding dental hygienists, and is not a route to the DMD Program. If you’re interested in becoming a dentist, you should take a look at our DMD Program. Admission to the DMD Program requires 90 credits of undergraduate courses, including many prerequisite courses. The Dental Hygiene Degree Program does not cover the DMD prerequisites.

Q. I am an internationally-trained dentist. How can I apply to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program?
A. There is no advanced entry to the Dental Hygiene Degree Program. All admitted applicants to the four-year Dental Hygiene Degree Program’s Entry-to-Practice option all start the program in year one.

Q. Can I make an appointment with an advisor to discuss admission to the Entry-to-Practice option?
A. We do not offer academic advising. The admissions program assistant can help you with any admission inquiries you may have. Please contact admissions.

Q. Can I do my Dental Hygiene Degree online or by distance education?
A. The clinical component of Dental Hygiene education is essential; the Entry-to-Practice option requires that students be present attending classes and clinic sessions on campus for all four years of the program. If you are already a Dental Hygienist with a diploma from an accredited program who is interested in completing a degree online, please see our Degree Completion option.

Q. What credit is granted for work completed in a Dental Assistant program or previous work experience in a dental field?
A. Courses completed in a Dental Assistant program are not university transferable courses and will not be granted advanced credit. Although no course credit can be granted, work experience in the field of dentistry is certainly an asset to the supplemental application.