Celebrating UBC Dentistry Fall Awards and Achievements

The UBC Dentistry Fall Awards celebrate outstanding student achievements and recognize the Faculty’s commitment to excellence in dental education. Congratulations to the awards recipients for the 2022-23 academic year!

Annie Cai
(DHDP 2025 candidate)

Impact of Ten Dental Hygiene Award

Kirandeep Khak
(DHDP 2024 candidate)

The Dean of Dentistry Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Maranda Mazoka
(DHDP 2024 candidate)

Professor Bonnie J. Craig Award in Dental Hygiene

Xuan Nguyen
(DHDP 2025 candidate)

Carlos Carrillo Community Service Award

Carlie Tigley
(DHDP 2025 candidate)

Dental Hygiene Faculty Award


Yuqi Yang
(DHDP 2026 candidate)

Impact of Ten Dental Hygiene Award

Hannah Agnew
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Scholarship

Rana Alamdaran
(DMD 2025 candidate)

A-dec Community Service Award

Neeku Amanat
(DMD 2026 candidate)

BC Dentists' Wives' Association Scholarship in Dentistry

Grace Barlow
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Western Canada Dental Society Award in Dentistry

Alison Blattler
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Graduating Class of Dentistry 1978 Scholarship


Ryan Bonnie
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Dr. Ralph Yorsh Scholarship in Dentistry

Julia Burgess
(DMD 2024 candidate)

American College of Dentists Outstanding Student Leader Award

TD Service Award in Dentistry

Betty Chang
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Dr. Marcia A. Boyd Award in Dentistry

Kaileigh Chow
(DMD 2025 candidate)

British Columbia Dental Association Award in Dentistry

Denise Cua
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Mike Wells Award in Dentistry


Rana Fahmy
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Scotiabank Award in Dentistry

Alex Fan
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Bisco Dental Products (Canada) Inc. Scholarship

Ayda Fathi
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Dr. Alan A. Lowe Entrance Award in Dentistry

Andrew Gee
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Chrysalis Dental Centre - Vancouver Award

Dr. Wilfred Arthur Jefferies Memorial Scholarship

Jeeva Gill
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Pacific Blue Cross Entrance Scholarship


Evan Hanoun
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Septodont Pain Management Prize in Dentistry

Devon Hayek
(DMD 2024 candidate)

BC Society of Orthodontists C. Craig Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Perry H. Trester Leadership Award in Dentistry

Sally Hong
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Carlos Carrillo Community Service Award

Dr. Ralph Yorsh Scholarship in Dentistry

Cameron Houchmand
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Western Canada Dental Society Leadership Scholarship

Jasper Huang
(DMD 2024 candidate)

British Columbia Dental Association Award in Dentistry

Dentsply Sirona Award in Endodontics


Helia Jafari
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Dr. Michele Williams Memorial Award in Dentistry

Ming Jin
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Synergy Business Lawyers LLP Student Leadership Award

Jared Jones
(DMD 2027 candidate)

M.C. Bagnall Scholarship

Pavneet Kalsi
(DMD 2025 candidate)

RBC Leadership Award in Dentistry

Jessica Khangura
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Preventive Dentistry Prize


Negin Khosravi
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Henry Schein Outstanding Leadership Award in Dentistry

Noah Kroeker
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Dean of Dentistry Scholarship

Emme Lee
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Western Canada Dental Society Dr. Cal Waddell Scholarship

William Lee
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Dr. Ralph Yorsh Scholarship in Dentistry

Alexis Magrath
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Claude Gardner Memorial Scholarship


Iliya Mazani
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Bisco Dental Products (Canada) Inc. Scholarship

Madison Powell
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Robert W. Scott Memorial Award

Kristina Mistry
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Dr. Lorin O. Lind Memorial Prize

Brendan Szeto
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Susan Foy Memorial Service Award

Navkiran Takhar
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Dean of Dentistry Scholarship


Mika Tillmanns
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Bisco Dental Products (Canada) Inc. Scholarship

Serena Tsao
(DMD 2027 candidate)

M.C. Bagnall Scholarship

Nicholas Vankka
(DMD 2026 candidate)

Vancouver Iranian Dental Association Award in Dentistry

Joy Wang
(DMD 2024 candidate)

Dr. Clay Hallman Memorial Scholarship for Proficiency in Removable Prosthetics

International College of Dentists Award

Catherine Yu
(DMD 2027 candidate)

Dr. Ralph Yorsh Scholarship in Dentistry


Roy Zhao
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Graduating Class of 1986 Award in Dentistry

Clement Zheng
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Western Canada Dental Society Scholarship

Rose Zhou
(DMD 2025 candidate)

Heaps & Doyle Research Award in Dentistry

Kevin AmaniampongMSc Dip Pediatrics, Year 3Dr. Gary Derkson Memorial Award in Dentistry
Ahmed ElsayyadMSc Dip Prosthodontics,
Year 1
Association of Prosthodontists of Canada Award for Academic Achievement
Da In KimMSc Dip Orthodontics,
Year 3
Rashida Ali Award in Dentistry
Damini ChakrabortyMSc, Year 1Dr. Christopher Wyatt Graduate Award in Dentistry
Don RobertsonMSc Dip Periodontics,
Year 3
Nobel Biocare Achievement in Osseointegration
He (Jack) LiuPhD, Year 2Joseph Tonzetich Fellowship
Ilena YimPhD, Year 3Dr. S. Wah Leung Scholarship
Mayhay HoMSc Dip Pediatrics, Year 3Dr. Gary Derkson Memorial Award in Dentistry
Michael WongMSc Dip Pediatrics, Year 3Dr. Gary Derkson Memorial Award in Dentistry
Natyra HaxhiavdijaMSc, Year 2Joseph Tonzetich Scholarship
Nisha PatelMSc Dip Periodontics,
Year 3
Nobel Biocare Achievement in Osseointegration
Oh Run KimMSc, Year 1George S Beagrie Scholarship
Sadaf Gavahi KashaniMSc Dip Prosthodontics,
Year 3
Implant Genius Scholarship in Prosthodontics
Scott PantherMSc Dip Orthodontics,
Year 3
Faculty of Dentistry Graduate Orthodontics Alumni Scholarship
Smita KumarMSc Dip Pediatrics, Year 3Dr. Gary Derkson Memorial Award in Dentistry
Wen Hui JiangMSc Dip Orthodontics,
Year 2
Mrs. Frances E.R. Maplethorp Award
Yanlong ChenMSc, Year 1William W. Wood Memorial Scholarship

The Dean's List offers special recognition to DMD and DHDP students who received an average of 85% or higher in the 2022-23 academic year.

Aksh AggarwalDMD 2026 candidateRyan Li DMD 2026 candidate
Sana AghakeshmiriDMD 2025 candidateJoyce LinDHDP DC Category 2
Hannah AgnewDMD 2025 candidateVictoria LunDMD 2026 candidate
Smriti AhluwaliaDHDP DC Category 1Alexis Magrath DMD 2026 candidate
Rana AlamdaranDMD 2025 candidateMaranda MazokaDHDP 2024 candidate
Neeku Amanat DMD 2026 candidateZya MelenchukDHDP 2026 candidate
Fatum Bahamdun DMD 2026 candidateReilly MorganDMD 2026 candidate
Kamelia BahriniDHDP DC Category 2Guneet Multani DMD 2026 candidate
Jasneet BalDHDP 2024 candidateRegnoel ParanDMD 2025 candidate
Tiffany BallardDHDP DC Category 2Daniel Petten DMD 2026 candidate
Gurkaran Bhandal DMD 2026 candidateGabriella PodolskiDHDP 2026 candidate
Alison BlattlerDMD 2025 candidateJustine Powar DMD 2026 candidate
Ryan BonnieDMD 2025 candidateMadison PowellDMD 2025 candidate
Annie CaiDHDP 2025 candidateTavleen Ramgarhia DMD 2026 candidate
Joel ChahalDMD 2025 candidateGraham RobinsonDMD 2026 candidate
Betty ChangDMD 2025 candidatePascale Roome DMD 2026 candidate
Jason ChoiDMD 2025 candidateShaghayegh Sadr Karimi DMD 2026 candidate
Chanelle ChowDMD 2026 candidateSoheil SaeidiborojeniDMD 2025 candidate
Kaileigh Chow DMD 2025 candidateElla Schmidtz DMD 2026 candidate
Dallas Cote DMD 2026 candidateSarah Shin DMD 2026 candidate
Denise CuaDMD 2026 candidateLaura Shouldice DMD 2026 candidate
Spencer Dawson DMD 2026 candidateJasmine SinghDMD 2025 candidate
Alex FanDMD 2025 candidateRanbir Singh DMD 2026 candidate
Andrew GeeDMD 2024 candidateAnna SohiDHDP 2026 candidate
Anika GongDMD 2025 candidateKyle SohiDMD 2025 candidate
Kacie HaberlinDHDP 2024 candidateBrendan SzetoDMD 2025 candidate
Devon HayekDMD 2024 candidateCarlie TigleyDHDP 2025 candidate
Miranda HoangDHDP DC Category 2Mika Tillmanns DMD 2026 candidate
Cameron Houchmand DMD 2026 candidateTayler TreitDHDP 2024 candidate
Jasper HuangDMD 2024 candidateYu Wen TuDHDP DC Category 1
Roy HuoDHDP 2024 candidateNicholas Vankka DMD 2026 candidate
Kayla JasterDHDP 2024 candidateMichaela WalkerDMD 2025 candidate
Janis JeyarajahDMD 2025 candidateJoy WangDMD 2024 candidate
Amandeep KandolaDMD 2024 candidateShinzy WangDHDP 2024 candidate
Kirandeep KhakDHDP 2024 candidateSiming Wang DMD 2026 candidate
Jessica Khangura DMD 2026 candidateVeronica WangDHDP 2024 candidate
Negin KhosraviDMD 2024 candidateAlicia (Si) WuDMD 2026 candidate
Christine KimDMD 2025 candidateMary WuDMD 2025 candidate
Jaci KnightDHDP 2025 candidateLena XiongDMD 2026 candidate
Danielle KoolsDMD 2025 candidateYuqi YangDHDP 2026 candidate
Alanna Larter DMD 2026 candidateCarol YeeDHDP 2024 candidate
Amber LeDHDP DC Category 1Roy ZhaoDMD 2025 candidate
Emme LeeDMD 2024 candidateClement ZhengDMD 2025 candidate
Hyun-Ho Lee DMD 2026 candidateRose ZhouDMD 2025 candidate
Jenny LiDMD 2025 candidate

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) provides students with an opportunity to glean further insight into the life of an academician. Student fellows partner with an individual faculty mentor and participate in teaching and research projects, conduct interviews with faculty members, and present their experiences through a portfolio and poster presentation.

Evan HanounDMD 2024 candidate
Devon HayekDMD 2024 candidate

The peer mentorship program aims to promote students' social and academic integration and cultivate a sense of inclusiveness and belonging in the student community. Peer mentors take responsibility for organizing social activities throughout the academic year and share insights with students in their junior years to help facilitate their success.

The Faculty thanks each of the 2022-23 peer mentors for your enthusiasm, collaboration, and leadership!

Zahra AbbasiparashkouhMSc Craniofacial Sciences, Year 1
Ambika AgarwalDMD 2024 candidate
Mohammed AlsammarraieMSc Prosthodontics, Year 3
Sankriti AnanthamurthyMSc Pediatrics, Year 2
Jasneet BalDHDP 2024 candidate
Amy ChenDMD 2024 candidate
Marijana EicMSc Prosthodontics, Year 2
Amr FarragMSc Prosthodontics, Year 2
Janis JeyarajahDMD 2025 candidate
Ming JinDMD 2024 candidate
Sadaf KashaniMSc Prosthodontics, Year 3
Tala MaraghaPhD Craniofacial Sciences, Year 1
Maranda MazokaDHDP 2024 candidate
Carmen MeiDHDP 2025 candidate
Alex MitchellDMD 2024 candidate
Joel MolcakDMD 2025 candidate
Ashley OverbyDHDP 2025 candidate
Regnoel ParanDMD 2025 candidate
Nisha PatelMSc Periodontics, Year 3

Congratulations to the faculty members, clinical instructors and graduate teaching assistants who received the 2022-23 Teaching Awards. In the spring of 2023, DMD and DHDP classes (years 1 to 3) selected the recipients.

Dr. Nikki AytogluDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Shahla Baba TaheriDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Luana CarvalhoDMD Teaching Award
Shayan DarvishDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Madhurima DattaDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Judy DemqueDHDP Teaching Award
Dr. Nirpjit DosanjhDMD Teaching Award
Anne Ngozi EjiegbuDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Salem GhrebiDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Mohammad JahangiriDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Zul KanjiDHDP and DMD Teaching Award
Jelena KaranDHDP Teaching Award
Dr. Pawel KindlerDMD Teaching Award
Nishi Lal-BirdiDHDP Teaching Award
Laura LanfranchiDHDP Teaching Award
Yolanda LanDHDP Teaching Award
Iris LinDHDP Teaching Award
Dr. Kelly LiuDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Adriana MansoDMD Teaching Award
Tala MaraghaDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Peter MurphyDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Hossain NajarDHDP Teaching Award
Dr. Clifford PauDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Tara SinghDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Shimae SoheilipourDMD Teaching Award
Ethan Struthers-LavoieDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Raquel Viana RodriguesDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Sid VoraDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Bruce WardDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Eli WhitneyDMD Teaching Award
Dr. Azin ZeraatyDMD Teaching Award

UBC Dentistry is grateful for our award supporters’ generosity and continued support of the student awards program.