Canadian Fluoridation Society

Dr. Mario Brondani, Associate Professor, UBC Faculty of Dentistry

In 2022, less than 40 per cent of Canadians (around 14.4 million) benefited from community water fluoridation—the process of monitoring and adjusting the amount of fluoride in drinking water so levels remain optimal to prevent tooth decay. In BC, that amounts to less than 4 per cent of the entire province with access to community water fluoridation. 

Last year, associate professor Dr. Mario Brondani and a team of representatives from six provinces (led by Dr. Juliet Guichon from the University of Calgary) were awarded a CIHR/IRSC Catalyst Grant for their research project titled “Preparation for transforming oral health prevention throughout Canada: Two historical studies, a survey of elected officials and a template for action.” The project aims to advance the conversation about water fluoridation and its role in promoting public health. 

Recently, the research team launched the Canadian Fluoridation Society (CFS), a new website with verified information and community resources about the benefits of fluoridated drinking water. The interdisciplinary team behind CFS aims to promote water fluoridation as a preventive measure to improve oral health and reduce dental decay. Their research demonstrates that water fluoridation is a safe, cost-effective, and equitable measure that can benefit all Canadians. 

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