Cardiac art competition 2018 winners announced

Artodontia 2018 Winners

Artodontia logo by Jamie Kim

Dental students in the cardiovascular block of DENT 410 partake in Artodontia, Dentistry’s annual cardiac art competition. These first-year students follow a long tradition* of showcasing their artistic conceptualization of the human heart and circulatory system. Here are the winners of 2018:

First Place (2018): “Heartstrings” by Sana Kavel

“This is the connection that I feel between the heart and dentistry. It is the love of taking care of people that brings us to healthcare and for us dental students, the significance of cardiovascular system in providing better oral care make this connection even stronger. The string used in this art piece is dental floss and the teeth are dentoforms.”

Second Place (2018): “Tree of Life” by  Shaun Monty

“This piece represents the importance of incorporating and keeping nature as an important part of our lives. Just as the heart is an essential organ for life, getting out into the natural world is also important for our health and mental wellbeing. I have depicted this through the “Tree of Life” by representing the heart as intertwining trees.”

Third Place (2018): “Signs of Life” by Angela Hu

“Remember that even in the dead of winter, cold and isolating, there can be life and color. Notice the small things: the scattered berries frozen in your front yard, the bare branches of tall trees shivering in the cold air, the eager beat of your heart during the first snow fall.”

Honourable Mention (2018): “Where There Is love, There Is Life” by Sophia Felea-Motet

“This is a depiction of the cardiac anatomy we have been learning, with an artistic twist.”

Honourable Mention (2018): “Best Friends Forever” by Michelyn Rutledge

“True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.” a set of interlocking pendants sculpted from polymer clay in the shape of a standard heart cross section diagram.”

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