Cardiac art competition 2021 winners announced

Artodontia 2021 Winners

Artodontia 2020 is generously supported by Broadreach.

Dr. Carol-Ann Courneya, Associate Professor, Dept. of Cellular & Physiological Science announced the winners of the Artodontia 2021 competition showcasing DMD’s students artistic conceptualization of the human heart and circulatory system. The contest was open to all first year dental students in the cardiovascular block.

Here are the winners for 2021:

1st Place: “Heartcore” by Foujan Pedari (DMD 2024)

My work represents the strong connection between oral health and the cardiovascular system. A healthy heart is presented here as the core that supports a healthy tooth. I combined resin art with polymer clay to demonstrate different textures and properties of the heart (clay) and tooth (resin). The heart is embedded in the strong resin tooth and they are inseparable; therefore, any damage to the tooth will damage the heart, and vice-versa. 





2nd Place: “Silhouette of My Heart” by Ricky Park (DMD 2024)

A paper cut-out interpretation of a dental student’s passion for maintaining both oral and systemic health. 








3rd Place: “Heart of Resilience” by Joy Wang (DMD 2024)

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, and this digital piece represents how resilient our bodies are. Furthermore, the teeth embedded within the heart symbolize how oral health and systemic health are interdependent to each other. 







All 15 entries submitted in the Artodontia competition, and artist statements can be viewed HERE.