Cardiac Art Competition 2022 Winners Announced

Artodontia 2022 Winners

Artodontia 2022 is generously supported by Broadreach.

On March 22, Dr. Carol-Ann Courneya, Associate Professor, Department of Cellular and Physiological Science, and Dr. PJ Murphy, Clinical Assistant Professor annoucned the winners of the Artodontia 2022 competition. The Artodontia competition, is a yearly showcase of art by first-year DMD students in the cardiovascular block. The challenge for the students is to create a conceptualization of the human heart and circulatory system, and connect that to oral health. This year’s competition featured 10 entries by talented students.

The 2022 competition was generously supported by Broadreach Strategic Planning Inc. who generously provided funding for prizes for the winning artists. This is the third year that Broadreach has supported this competition.

Back (left to right): Dr. Peter Murphy, Ali Blatter, Janis Jeyarajah, Paige Squires, Meghan Luk, David Do, Dr. Carol-Ann Courneya
Front: Briana Fannin

Here are the winners for 2022:

First Place: “Life line” by Briana Fannin, DMD Candidate 2025

“The cardiovascular system provides oxygen and nutrients to the pulps of the teeth. In the image, I attempted to show these connections vitalizing them.”

Second Place: “Hooked on This Heart” by Meghan Luk, DMD Candidate 2025

“A stand out memory from dental school so far was holding my group’s cadaver heart in the anatomy lab. This crochet heart reminds me of everything I felt that day. I was amazed by the organ’s complexity, thankful that someone donated their body for students to learn from, and felt lucky to be one of those students.”

Third Place: “Heart as a Rock” by David Do, DMD Candidate 2025

“This is an edited photograph of the first diagnostic stone cast I made in Resto 1. From this viewing angle, the maxillary and mandibular arches resemble a heart. The chipped incisors symbolize how a disturbance in oral health can be pathological to the cardiovascular system. So remember to brush and floss kids!”

Student’s Choice Winner: “Fever Dream” by Hannah Agnew, Ali Blatter, Janis Jeyarajah, Paige Squires, & Michaela Walker, DMD Candidates 2025

“A collaborative artwork created using a digital painting program. This work aims to show the integrated network of the cardiovascular system within the pulp of the tooth. It was created by passing the art from person to person every minute until the work was deemed complete. Our goal is to show the collaborative process in which we undertake in dental school everyday.”

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