College of Dental Surgeons of BC awards 2017

March 9, 2017

At the annual College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) awards ceremony held on March 9, 2017. Ten individuals were recognized for their contributions to the College.

UBC Dentistry salutes all the award winners. Those with UBC Dentistry affiliations are indicated.

Honoured Member Award

The Honoured Member Award is presented to individuals who have made remarkable, broad-based contributions to CDSBC over a substantial period of time, having significant impact on the College. This year’s UBC Dentistry-affiliated awardee is:

  • Dr. Bob Coles, UBC Dentistry alumnus (DMD 1986)

Distinguished Service Award

The College’s Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding and broad contributions to the profession of dentistry through extensive involvement with the College. This year the awardees are:

  • Dr. Erik Hutton, UBC Dentistry alumnus (DMD 1983)
  • Dr. David Tobias; Clinical Professor, UBC Dentistry; UBC Dentistry alumnus (DMD 1984)

Award of Merit

The College’s Award of Merit recognizes significant contributions, beyond basic volunteer participation, that have had an impact on the profession of dentistry through involvement with CDSBC. This year it was conferred upon seven people:

  • Dr. Ben Balevi
  • Dr. Pamela Barias, Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Dentistry
  • Ms. Melanie Crombie
  • Mr. Samson Lim
  • Ms. Elaine Maxwell, CDA
  • Dr. Jan Versendaal
  • Dr. Eli Whitney; Senior Instructor, UBC Dentistry; UBC Dentistry alumnus (OMOP 2004)

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