Year 1 PACS: Oral Self-Care Module

FirstYearThe Oral Self-Care Module of Dent 410 PACS (Professionalism and Community Service program) was created to provide the first-year dental student with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin their understanding of the principles of oral hygiene, the critical analysis of available hygiene aids and commercial and professionally available products, and assessment of oral hygiene effectiveness.

In this module, students were assigned to groups that investigated and researched selected questions and prepared a summary and a presentation of findings for the benefit of the entire class. Students explored many of the practical issues faced in community dentistry and dental practice that are important and relevant to patients as consumers, and to themselves as the professional whom patients come to for advice. Many of these products and services are advertised or promoted as being helpful in improving and maintaining oral health, but do they? What are the active ingredients and what do they do? What is the evidence that supports the commercial claims made?

The quality of these presentations and of the research shared is high and It is relevant to share this information with the broader dental community.

The content contained in these documents and presentations is the result of literature reviews and research done by first year dental students at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry as part of their course assignments and do not reflect the opinion, findings, or positions held by the UBC Faculty of Dentistry. This material is made available to the dental community as a possible resource and as a demonstration of accomplishment by these students.