Dental Hygiene Graduates Reach Higher

May 1, 2009

As of November 2008, the UBC Dental Hygiene Degree Program has a total of 97 graduates awarded the Bachelor of Dental Science in Dental Hygiene [BDSc (DH)] degree.

Of the 97, nine have now also graduated with a master’s degree in Science (Dental Science), Education or Health Administration. Two of the MSc graduates are now PhD candidates at UBC.

In addition, there are currently 11 BDSc (DH) graduates studying in a variety of master’s programs at UBC, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, and the University of Idaho.

Another four BDSc (DH) graduates are currently applying for admission to master’s programs in Science (UBC), Public Health (SFU), Distance Education (Athabasca), and Education (UBC), to commence in September 2009.

Education beyond the BDSc (DH) prepares dental hygienists to assume positions as program directors and teaching faculty in dental hygiene and dental assisting programs, as well as administrative roles in community health and dental hygiene organizations.