Dentistry Profs Part of Award Winning Interprofessional Teaching Team

October 7, 2013

Drs. Mario Brondani and Leeann Donnelly, and nine other university instructors, won the 2013 Award for Excellence in Interprofessional Education Teaching from the UBC College of Health Disciplines.

The group of instructors taught the Interprofessional Health and Human Service (IHHS) 402 course called “HIV Prevention and Care” which took place at the end of May and the beginning of June, 2013.

As an interprofessional course, different disciplines such as medicine, social work, nursing, and others are involved in the teaching. This year was the first time that dentistry and dental hygiene were included in the course and included the discipline’s instructors—Brondani and Donnelly.

Brondani explains that the course used mixed methodologies, one of them being a placement within the discipline. “In our case,” he says, “we offered students the opportunity to observe the care of a HIV patient in a dental setting.”

The IHHS 402 course has broad appeal to dental, dental hygiene, nursing, medical, pharmacy, social work, nutrition and interdisciplinary studies students. Pre-dental and pre-medical students also take the course for its community involvement experience.

“This year dental hygiene students took advantage of the interdisciplinary course,” Brondani adds, “and we hope next year, given some adjustments to a tight curriculum schedule, dental students can join them.”

Congratulations to the following members of the IHHS 402 Teaching Team:

  • Linda Akagi
  • William Booth
  • Mario Brondani
  • Cheryl Collier
  • Leeann Donnelly
  • Francesca Fung
  • Brynn Grierson
  • Paul Kerston
  • Mary Petty
  • Todd Sakakibara
  • Meaghan Thumath

The College will be hosting its annual Awards Reception at the UBC Sage Bistro on Monday November 18, 2013, at which time a certificate honouring the team’s achievement will be presented.