DMD student researchers win CADR-NCOHR awards


Three UBC dental students, Ling-Yi Chen, Jong Hoon Kong, and Kartik Suri, third-, second-, and fourth-year dental students respectively, were among the 19 winners of the CADR-NCOHR Student Research Awards for 2018-2019.

Each will presented their research (see below for descriptions) in the Junior Category at the IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition* in Vancouver from June 19 to 22. Their award was be presented during a CADR annual general meeting that took place concomitantly.

These awards are sponsored by the Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) and by the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research (NCOHR).

Ling-Yi Chen

Ling-Yi Chen, DMD 2020 candidate

Research title: Dental Maturation in Canadian Children—A Cross-Country Comparative Study

Supervisor: Dr. Joy Richman

Ling-Yi studied a group of 200 BC children born between 1969 and 1980 and assessed root completion using panoramic radiographs. She found that BC children were significantly advanced at ages 6-7 compared to Quebec children.

Jong Hoon Kong

Jong Hoon Kong, DMD 2021 candidate

Research title: Manufacturing Doxycycline and/or Metal Ion Loaded Polymethylmethacrylate Microspheres

Supervisor: Dr. Adriana Manso

Jong Hoon Kong worked in a collaborative project between the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the 2018 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Program. The research evaluated the feasibility of incorporating combined antibacterial agents, doxycycline and metallic compounds, into polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, assessing microspheres size, drug load efficiency and drug release profiles. The study had proven that the production of PMMA microspheres containing combined drugs is feasible. It opens multiple opportunities for future research as the technology is suitable for incorporation into orthopaedic and dental materials.

Kartik Suri

Kartik Suri DMD 2019 candidate

Research title: Participatory Design Improves Oral Self-Care in High Caries Risk Children

Supervisor: Dr. Vindesh Kapoor

During a UBC Global Health Initiatives (GHI) trip to a remote village in India, Kartik collected data on caries prevalence and conducted surveys to gauge existing oral health views and practices. In a short period of time his work helped change local oral health practices through sustainable community-engagement strategies. His commitment to the GHI project in the Indian Himalayas and strong efforts have garnered the respect of collaborating partners and his student peers.

*The 97th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research, will be held in conjunction with the 48th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research and the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research, from June 19-22, 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.